Sunday, November 9, 2008

first married meal!

"What?!" you say, "You haven't eaten in over a month?"
Well, no one said blogging had to be extremely timely did they?
Of course we ate on our honeymoon. I guess our first true married meal was lunch at the airport version of Blue Mesa after the super nice hotel man took all of our luggage all the way to the baggage check in at the airport straight from our hotel room on those fancy little carts they have. (Fancy!) After all that deluxe service we had plenty of time to chow down on some airport food to satisfy our growling stomachs.
In San Francisco where we honeymooned we had some wonderfully appealing sourdough, gnocchi, polenta with Bolognese sauce in San Fran's "Little Italy" at Pinnochio's. If you're ever in San Fran, I would *highly* recommend it! We had a decadent Ghiradelli hot fudge sundae and breakfast at Sear's Fine Foods and sat just inside that little window you can see in the pic on the website looking out onto the street. We saw another pair of newlyweds getting into their shoe polished car. :) The service and food at Sears were top-rate! Chocolate croissants complimentary at our hotel were a treat as were the Lindt truffles piled in a bowl at our B&B in Santa Cruz! (um . . . Kelly, chocolate is not a meal . . . getting back on track). We splurged on a fancy dinner at Shadowbrook in Capitola-by-the-Sea and happened upon a goat dairy in Pescadero where we indulged in flavored goat cheeses that we ate at an idyllic picnic spot behind the grocery there with fresh bread and salami.
So, all that to say that we ate well, but back to the point, this post is about our first married meal at home that we cooked and where we broke out those new wedding gifts we were just itching to use!
Unfortunately blogger loaded all of my photos in reverse order so just bear with me. :)

Here is the finished meal served on our new dishes!
dishes: Staccato from Crate and Barrell

broccolini cooking in one of our new all-clad pots!

an adorable little whisks with hearts tied onto one of our packages in one of our new pyrex bowls! (Thanks, Aunt Gail and Uncle Terry, Stacie, Mike, Jenny, Jon and Bethany!)

hey, Rice-a-roni may not be the classiest way to inaugurate the new all-clad but we went to SAN FRANCISCO for our honeymoon! You know, "Rice-a-roni, the San Francisco treat!" (You'll be singing that all day now, sorry!)

The ingredients!


We are so enjoying being married and making a home together. Thank you to all of you who blessed us with so many nice gifts to feather our nest with and try out our culinary skills with! Kelly


Amy@Fiancé Meeting You Here said...

So fun! I can't wait for All-Clad cookware! My roomie had it in college an I miss it so much! Looks like a great meal!

Karen said...

What a fun post. And who knew there was a vegatable called broccolini! And who said chocolate couldn't be a meal???

Mod Girl said...

You're too cute! I don't remember what the first meal was that we cooked in our home... Our first meal as a married couple was Subway sandwiches after we left our reception. We were starving!

Love your all white dishes.

Gina said...

So good talking to you the other night... and I just love that you guys are having so much fun and enjoying wedded bliss so much. Your posts are always so cheerful and fun... you should write a book!

twarpula said...

Kelly we have the same Staccato from C&B too! Crazy. Of course ours are from 9 yrs ago, but glad to know they still have them!! They match everything you will LOVE them.