Monday, November 10, 2008

dessert cook-off results

Well, I'm sad to say that I didn't win any prizes, BUT I did have a great time and receive some nice compliments!  We have a fun church and a wonderful church family.  

Here is my friend Renae's SUPER YUMMY "Gobbler Cobbler".  Let me tell you, this is the second time I've had this dessert of hers and it just about sends me over the edge every time!  It is soo good!  And look how cute her little turkey and label are!  

Yea Renae!  

Here's the neat ariel shot of my cupcakes that my sweet husband took.  

There they are with the banana puddings, dirt cake (with the flowers in it) etc.

I made the same cupcakes that I made here but PLEASE everyone, I beg of you, when the recipe says unsalted butter, please, PLEASE use unsalted butter!  It sabotaged my icing but live and learn, right?  My freezer is now stocked with unsalted butter.  :)  

My friend Jacquie did win though!!!  There is her award winning banana pudding right there, #15!  Yea Jacquie!  Great job!  Kelly


Cary/Ashley said...

Those cupcakes look totally professional!!:) I am impressed!

Mod Girl said...

Your cupcakes should have one a prize for presentation. They're beautiful.