Tuesday, November 4, 2008

please vote

Please vote today if you haven't already. It's important.

Please vote in an educated manner. Seriously, it only took me only 20 minutes to google "my county voter's guide" and learn about the different candidates on my ballot. State Board of Education, Judges, Congressmen, etc., etc. to make educated decisions.

If you're dreading waiting in line today, check out emily's post about overhearing interesting conversations around her in line. Take a book. Enjoy the "mind break".

Thanks. It's important. May God bless our country on this important day. Kelly

p.s. If you need added incentive, my friend Julie left the following comment on my last post. :)

"note also that most STARBUCKS locations will give out a free tall coffee to anyone on Tuesday who tells them that they voted. :o]"
Also, I just saw this about free scoops from Ben and Jerry's tonight between 5 & 8! Yippee! Love me some Ben and Jerry's. What's your favorite flavor? My current favorite is Creme Brulee but it changes quite often. :)

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