Friday, November 7, 2008


Sandy over at Reluctant Entertainers posted a confession about dropping an egg on the floor. I don't know if that was in my subconscious or what when I became butter fingers yesterday while putting away the groceries Adrian bought. I almost dropped the carton of eggs, recovered and then really did drop them! Oh dear!

Well, when life gives you spilled eggs . . . blog about it, right?

So once again blogger is importing my pics in reverse order (grr) so I'll just blog backwards I guess. :)

exhibit A: a nice, beautiful egg, ummm . . . just waiting to go into some yummy dish

exhibit B: my enamelware bowl full of eggs. I'm pretending we live on a farm. Who wouldn't love to live on a farm for a week or so?

(sidenote: every Easter of my childhood we would go to my grandparents' house and have a big egg hunt with all of the cousins. At the end we would play with the eggs. The playhouse became a barn/henhouse where we would set all of the colored hardboiled eggs on the various ledges and then take our baskets and go and gather the eggs. Can you say city girl who's read a farm book or two? Then my grandma would have us put all the eggs in a pile in the middle and we would go around the circle and each pick an egg to keep, then go around again and so forth until all the eggs were divied up fair and square.)

exhibit C: goopy egg mess sliming out of the carton (only two cracked thankfully!)

exhibit D: oops! the egg carton fell right out of my hands and onto the kitchen floor

so, I'll end with a question, how long will that second egg whose shell was cracked but which did not leak so I poured it into a handy little prep bowl with lid (a gift from my mom!) last in the fridge? I don't have any plans for cooking/baking with an egg tonight but I'm sure I could think of soon.

So, if you can answer this question, I would love to know (Deborah, I'm pegging you as one of the most likely to know) and if you have a suggestion of what sort of yummy nummy dish I should make with that egg that so nearly lost it's life, I would love to hear that as well! Thanks! Have a marvelous weekend! Kelly


Karen said...

OK, just remember that this is your mom who loves you dearly...the egg could live happily in your frig until the next time I come to see you, but maybe married life has made you like to clean out your frig more often????

I don't think I knew that the cousins played farm with the eggs. Do you remember the time that Poppy found an egg in the backyard several weeks/months after Easter. Whew! said...

Hi Kelly! I am so glad to meet you and discover your sweet little internet space. :) Looking through your posts, I just wanted to say congratulations (!!) and tell you what a darling wedding you planned!! I love all of the details. Everything from the chair backs to the save the date cards. Nicely done. Enjoy every sweet moment of married life!