Saturday, March 27, 2010

baby shower

We have been so very blessed to have been "showered" by people from work, church and many other friends. It is an amazing experience not to be entering this new journey of raising a little one alone!

As I pulled up to my friend Darla's house for our shower a few weekends ago, I just knew I was at the right place even though I had not yet been to this house of hers since she moved in. Check out the lanterns. :)

The whole shower was amazing with a "vintage modern" theme. Since it was a Saturday morning it was a brunch and everything was lovely!

The extremely cool drinks bucket I showed you earlier.
Jenny said she found this blog inspirational as she planned.

Donuts inspired by this post - see the strawberry iced ones? (light pink = strawberry, dark pink = cherry)

Mini quiche, sausage balls, mini zucchini muffins, delicious fruit . . . !

I love this vintage rattle leaning against the diaper cake!

and speaking of . . . isn't that an ADORABLE diaper cake?
My friend Jenny made it.

Lovely hostesses! Jenni, Deborah, Darla, (me), Jenny and Marla

I love how I know all of these amazing women from different parts of my life - my life in Dallas, college roomies, scrapbooking friends, sisters in Christ - and they all came together and threw this shower for me

Marla hostessing with the mostess!

They had a zillion neat touches from the things spelled out with blocks and all the little vintage toys to the April flashcard representing our due date and the "write" flashcard encouraging people to write a blessing for the baby . . . I loved looking around at everything!!

Speaking of blessings, people wrote out such wonderful blessings for the baby and for us . . .

AND my very, very most favorite part of the shower was this:

Everyone gathered around to pray for the baby and for Adrian and I as parents. I don't know who took this picture but thank you, thank you for capturing this moment for me in this way!

I felt blessed beyond measure and so at peace.

You guys are the GREATEST!!!

We got to visit and eat and chat, catch up with people and make new friends . . . and people took pictures . . .

and I got to open presents!

We were blessed with SO many wonderful things!! We are so thankful!

Look at this adorable elephant that has a crinkly tummy. :)

yea for a boppy!

and adorable receiving blankets with elephants on them and polka dots and stripes :)

Jenni made some of her signature burp cloths. Look how adorable and "me" these are!

and do you see that "Steelers" burp cloth peeking out of the box?

Who do you think will be using that one?

Sustenance to keep the everyone going . . .


Such sweet friends!

Colorful giftwrap . . .

It was a lovely, lovely day and I am so thankful!



Christian @ Modobject at Home said...

What a special, colorful, beautiful event celebrating friendship, motherhood, faith, and a new little one! Your friends sure know how to host a party.

Karen said...

This is a beautiful, beautiful post. I love the picture of your friends praying over you and Adrian and the baby. What precious, precious memories.

Julie said...

I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE that they prayed over you Adrian and the bambino. That is a new tradition that I absolutely hope to add to our baby showers. Did they all take turns and pray, or did one person pray?