Thursday, March 25, 2010

transitioning . . .

Ever since graduating college I have had the same career . . . I have gone to work each and every day (save holidays and summer) at a school and been a teacher.

I am very close to entering a new season and beginning a new career . . . that of stay-at-home mom.

This is something that I have always dreamed of doing and something that Adrian and I both want for our family.

I am excited about leaving one thing to begin another.

I don't have regrets.

I am however about to enter a big ?????? . . . unknown!

I would love to hear comments from those of you who have traveled this path before.

Any advice on making this transition with grace?

I know that just as there are challenges in my present job, there will be challenges in my new "job".

I know that just as there are joys in my present job there will be joys in my new "job".

I am excited to embrace both sides and know that God will grow me through this new season I am entering just as He has grown me in so many ways through teaching.

What advice, encouragement, etc. do you have for me as I transition?




Kori said...

You will do fabulously! God will provide for you and your family what you need. When I was first staying home with Hannah I couldn't believe it was real. I felt like I was simply playing house and it couldn't last. Now with 4 kids and homeschooling, the pretend feeling doesn't come quite as often :-) but it is still amazing knowing that I am the one that God is allowing to raise, teach and guide my children into their lives!

Karen said...

As I have told you many times, the years I spent at home with you and Jeremy were the BEST years of my career. My suggestion: Hold on to the wonder of being able to be a stay at home mom. Thank God every morning for the privilege of your "job." Enjoy "the moment" and don't worry about the "big picture".
Love you.

Gina said...

Oh Kelly, I am soo glad that you are blessed to stay home. As a new stay at home mom myself, I'm not going to sugarcoat it...I've had some hard days. Especially in the beginning when I was taking care of this little person who seemed to do nothing but eat, sleep, fill diapers, and cry. I longed for an adult conversation. There were many days that I missed just getting up and getting to go be in the good old work force. Before Jacob I had a job I loved and co workers I enjoyed. I missed it, eventhough I knew that what I was doing was the better choice for our family. But then I got that first little smile, he started responding to me. WOW! No longer was I just taking care of this little guy, he knew who I was and he loved me. That made that first month ALL worth it. I still had days that I began to go stir crazy, and for me, I would pile Jacob in to the minivan and we would go explore. We went to the park, downtown, fleamarkets, anywhere that I could get out and be with people. But I cannot imagine missing out on a single day with this little guy. I love that I've been there to witness all his "firsts", and the thought of missing even one was just too much. So to sum up, yes you will have hard days... expect them. But you will soon realize that this job, motherhood, is the true job that God created you for. There is NOTHING quite like it.

Anonymous said...

This is one of the many times that you are going to be so blessed to have a husband like Adrian... My advice is this: as soon as the baby is old enough/ can be given a bottle for one feeding (i.e. about 6 weeks); leave her (or him, I suppose ;) with Adrian and go off BY YOURSELF and do something interesting. Take a class or something. I looooove love love being a stay at home mom, but that transition from working to staying at home can be hard, and I find that doing something outside the house by yourself is an important reminder of who you are, and that you aren't just a milkmaid/cook/laundress... Adrian, being the wonder that he is, will probably welcome the opportunity to bond with baby. If he doesn't, you may refer him to his little sister for a little bit of "re-education". so to speak. ;)

Marla Robbins Finley said...

I'll have to echo what your anonymous friend said. When your sweet baby is about a month old, you can introduce a bottle and go on dates! You can even pump in the car if you need to. I've had lots of dates with a pump break in the middle. That's the way to stay sane and keep your love life alive.

As far as your new job goes, I pray that you may continually grow in grace for yourself for this ever changing job description. When Satan whispers his sneaky lies of self-condemnation, just tell him to shut up and go to hell. I know he's going to try to tell you that. But he's just a big fat liar. And you'll be an amazing mom. Your baby is blessed.

Cary/Ashley said...

Wow, you've already had so much good advice given! You have a wise bunch of readers!!:)
Here's my take: adjusting from a fulfilling teaching job to full time mom was difficult for me. I initially really missed the friendships from work and "adult conversations." My advice is that as soon as your ready to venture out in the world...DO!! There are MOPS groups, Bible studies, stroller moms....all will come to be a much needed support system during you first year. Noah was born in late March and I started "regular activities" in Sept.
You will be a GREAT mom, I have no doubt about that!! Just enjoy your sweet little one and don't put too much pressure on yourself to get "everything" done around the house! Laundry can wait!

Deborah said...

I have been a SAHM for almost nine years now, and I feel like reading these other comments has just encouraged me so much!!

Kelly, you were MADE to do this. God put "mothering" in your blood! Once you meet this little person that God has entrusted to you and to Adrian, there will be no doubt in your mind that you made the right decision. And, if after you give it a try you don't feel fulfilled and satisfied, God will open whatever doors need to be opened. You have never lacked for people needing your gifts!

I ditto what these other mommas said about getting out of the house. Some days all I would do was go get a Sonic drink and then go right back home--but it's amazing how liberating that felt after being up nursing a baby all night long!

Mandy Gibson said...

For me, it was good to always find things to do outside of the home. You can find a MOPS group, go to your library story time, and have play dates with your friends. You can start these even when little one is very little. I think it's as important for you as it is for them.

Ashley said...

Awesome, Kellie. You will NEVER regret it. I would recommend finding a MOPS group close to your home and connecting with those moms. Also, Ranger and I did "mommy and me" yoga and we also did baby story time at the library. There used to be a mommy and baby movie once a week that we used to go to, where they leave the lights dimmed, have a changing table, and turn the sound down. You will be amazed at how many other moms you will meet and befriend. Also, with the first kid you have a little more freedom to do things like this b/c they are your only one. I am thrilled for you. With your neatness and organization, you will just do great. But give yourself a few months to be organized again. With the new baby needing your constant attn, nursing, tons of gifts, etc, things get real messy real fast! Take care of you for awhile.

David said...

I ditto what everyone else says -- getting out of the house to do something little -- walking around with stroller at a park or at the mall or baby story time at the library or just sitting and chatting with another friend at your house or's the connections with others and the small things that help you stay connected to the outside world. Sometimes I would even go to Barnes & Noble or the library, after I was comfortable nursing, and read, read, read, and nurse if I needed to but tried to time it around my baby's nap so that I could relax out of my house for a while.

I think you're going to love it.

David said...

That's from me, Kelly -- Sandi. Not Dave.