Tuesday, March 23, 2010

the crib!!!

I have to tell you about the crib!

I can't believe it's taken me so long to blog about it.

We did not want to spend money on a new crib. You know me . . . I am an antiques girl, a vintage girl, a non-"matchy-matchy" girl. I didn't need a new crib or want to spend our money in that way.

I did however want something that looked "good as new" and felt right to bring a brand new baby home to. I was looking on craigslist, had been to consignment sales and shops, etc., etc. We were offered three cribs for free at different times and from different people (family, co-workers and church friends) but none of them were white and in my quest to not spend money I wanted to still hold on to some things like that I wanted the crib to be white.

Neither Adrian nor I wanted to paint a crib (as adorable as those green ones I featured are!) both for the effort involved of painting ALL of those slats but also that I didn't feel super safe about a baby possibly chewing on that paint . . . so white it was.

Well, I began to get impatient and worried and wondered and speculated that we might *never* have a crib! I talked it through with my girl friends and wondered aloud over and over if we would ever have a crib. I fretted, I picked out a back up at Babies R Us full price that we could run and get if we had to . . .


God is so patient with us.

He is so good to us when we are so hung up in our own thinking and striving.

God gave us a crib that is *JUST* what I wanted!!

Jehovah-Jireh - God provides

Here's the story:

One Saturday morning Adrian and I ventured to a garage sale after eating donuts. Adrian knew about the garage sale because he has a craisglist search ongoing for a table saw and they were advertising one.

Well, we got to the sale and the table saw had been sold BUT there gleaming in the sunshine and leaning up against a tree was a white Jenny Lind crib!

I went right over and began examining it while Adrian was talking to the fellow about the saw. It looked GREAT. I began to get so excited. When Adrian came over I asked him to ask how much they wanted for it.

The man came over and said . . . $25!!!

I said we'd take it!

I was soo giddy!


Just what I wanted at an amazing price.

We brought it home and Adrian set it up and we even already had a crib mattress that fit perfectly thanks to our friend Jamie. What a blessing!

The crib is in the nursery just waiting for a little baby to come and sleep in it.

Since this photo was taken (on Monday of spring break) my mom helped me add a crib skirt, mattress with mattress pad, bumpers, etc. There are now stuffed animals in the crib "keeping it warm" until baby can and a boppy with the most adorable cover (thanks to a lovely shower gift) hanging over the side.

I have the sheets. I'm going with white. I want to have them embroidered with words like "giggle", "sweet dreams", etc. in a simple cursive lowercase font across one end of each. Anyone have any ideas about how to make that dream a reality without paying huge bucks? I haven't actually checked with any of the professional embroidery places around here so it may not actually be that much. I don't know.

I am so thankful for the ways God provides for us and I wish that I would always immediately call these sorts of situations to mind when I begin to fret over things. I am thankful that God continues to be patient with me and teach me of His ways.

photo of my mom with the wonderful crib skirt that she sewed pom pom ball fringe onto for me! Thank you for the loan of your sewing machine, Jacquie!!

How has God provided for YOU recently?



Lori said...

I have the Jenny Lind crib I used for my girls in the attic and saving for grandbabies. I think it screams baby! I have the matching changing table too!

Look at one in Elle Fusch's blog, website.http://ellefusch.blogspot.com/

Christian @ Modobject at Home said...

!!!!! I'm still so excited about how God provided! I can't wait to see photos of the finished nursery.

How has God provided for me... yesterday a gently used Boppy for $1.97!

Karen said...

What wonderful memories. Yes, God always provides, but not always in the way or time we expect.

Rachel said...

Thanks for sharing this story of God's provision. He has given us a pretty new and still very safe used carseat for our baby through a friend, dozens of delicious meals brought to us after our baby arrived and childcare for our other kids while our baby was sick in the hospital. I need to start writing these, and so many other things down to remember God's goodness and to make my heart attentive to the way He is providing for us in all the big and little ways.

Debi said...

That's the exact bed that my boys used, and now little Jordan is sleeping in it. Hope your sweet one will spend many sleepy nights cradled there.