Monday, March 22, 2010


doesn't this picture just say "springtime"?

It was actually taken in summer but with the ice melting in the background and the delicate purple color of the flower it just looks like spring to me.

Both of these photos were taken in Alaska on our adventure last summer.

The picture below is of a skunk cabbage.

Doesn't God make some amazing things?

The focus of this photograph is actually on the cob of the skunk cabbage.

according to my friend Betty who lives in Alaska,

in the spring, the skunk cabbage has huge leather-like petals similar to a tulip. The skunk cabbage cob releases a chemical that melts the snow and smells very much like a skunk!

Isn't that amazing?

I love all of the intricacies that God designed into this world He created for us.

1 comment: said...

agreed. sometimes when i look around in the great outdoors i can't even begin to comprehend God...he blows my mind!

love your spring pics!