Monday, March 8, 2010

true confessions . . .

Am I the only one who has ever gone ahead and mixed their shampoo and conditioner before putting it on their head in the shower thus making their own "2 in 1" product simply to shorten the whole getting ready process in the morning?

Come on, tell me. :)

Happy Monday!

What are your "getting ready" shortcuts?

Shower sneak peak from our weekend:

It was amazingly wonderful and fun! Kelly


A Tale of Two Cities said...

Anxious to see more about the shower!!!


Karen said...

Shortcuts--deciding NOT to wash my hair for the day. I'm always sorry by the end of the day.

Loved the shower pics on Jenni's blog. Can't wait to see more on your.

Christian @ Modobject at Home said...

Oh my, I can already tell that your baby shower was "totally you" -- bright and fun and whimsical! Can't wait to see more.

My getting ready shortcut... I shower at night, something I NEVER thought I would do but a morning shower on weekdays with the school rush and little ones is too much.

Beth said... hurry up routines? I pretty much just skip things entirely when I need extra time - no makeup some days, no shower some days! Glamorous, I know! :-)

The shower shot is lovely!!

Cary/Ashley said...

I can't believe I'm sharing this....but sometimes I put baby powder in my actually absorbs grease and can help on those no shower days!! Works better for blondes!!:)

Anonymous said...

That is exactly why I started buying the 2 in 1 shampoo - to save time in the mornings. Too funny... ~donna

Gina said...

Ahhh! I'm with Ashley on the baby powder trick. It's a great way to soak up any "second day" oil and it actually gives your hair a bit of extra body. And since Jacob, daily showers have become a distant memory.

BR said...

Can't wait to see shower pics! Marla said that the shower was wonderful! No, I have never, and will never combine my shampoo and conditioner. I am a strictly shampoo only girl! :) Shortcut - Go walking or get exercise in the morning before I shower so that I am actually awake before I get in the shower, thus cutting my shower time from 15+ minutes to around 4. It works when I do it, but this morning Karin and I were texting about the glories of a warm bed at 5:45 a.m. and we both decided that with 3 more inches of new snow today, we were just going to sleep through!

Deborah said...

I can ditto a lot of these other moms about shortcuts. I must say though, that I have gotten so spoiled with not wearing make-up most days that I get a bit grumbly on the days I have to put it on!

Can't wait to see your pictures (and steal a few!).

Slumber Designs said...

Your blog is so much fun!! I've been sitting here reading all your posts. Love, Love, Love all your great pictures!

Julie said...

I shower every other day too, and after the kiddo I switched to a poweder/foundation combo for my makeup.

Your shower pictures are SO you, I bet you had a blast!