Saturday, February 16, 2013

big list of praises

I feel compelled to make sure I list and capture some praises today because I feel like they are coming at me fast and furious and for that I am oh so very thankful and humbled.

* a BEAUTIFUL sunny day with temps in the high 50s

* an invitation to come over tonight for chocolate cake

* wonderful parents who serve me and my family and bless us

* scoring some great vintage sheets this morning for nursery 
decorating and a mom who is willing to sew a ruffled crib skirt with them!

* laundry that is truly, actually, amazingly almost caught up (again, thanks to an amazing mom)

* a very thoughtful husband and one who communicates

* God's reassuring me gently and in wonderful ways that when I think "the plan" has derailed, He REALLY DOES have it covered!

* people who listen to nudges from the Holy Spirit to be used in the above reassuring

* good nursery progress being made 

* not having to cook dinner tonight

* fun social opportunities to look forward to tomorrow

* a sweet baby girl moving around like crazy inside

* wonderful friends who know me, love me and accept me for exactly who I am

* some new blogs I'm enjoying reading

* more energy today than I've had in a while - wonderful for nesting!

* a neat conversation with the check out lady at the thrift store today about how my mom is a breast cancer survivor too and how is her treatment going, etc.  I could tell she was blessed and I am so thankful God could use me for something that to me was so small but to her was big

* a VERY patient boy in said thrift store and one who was willing to leave behind the toy he had been playing with without buying it - very mature - not that we don't ever buy toys but you know . . . 


Karen Gibson said...

And you are a blessing to us!!

Deborah said...

I love seeing your list of praises. Though it seems you have some stresses going on, I so appreciate the way you give God the glory for all your blessings.