Thursday, February 7, 2013

In the morning light . . .

paint samples on the walls

The top pink is different than the bottom pink.

The grey is on the right.

Any thoughts?



Heather Ratliff said...

(Sorry if I posted twice. Google doesn't like me having so many log-ins and it really messes with blog comments!)

If you go with pink, I'd pick the lightest shade. You really don't want it turning Pepto Bismol.

Or, maybe go with a gray that is a little pink?

Mindy S. said...

It is hard to tell on my monitor, for sure, but I will say that every gray room that I have been in just seems very cold. It is a really trendy color for walls right now, but it just seems cold. Are you planning to do all walls the same color or have an accent wall? And yes, someone commented on your 7 minute post about asking them to make the color 50% or something like that. They can add white to it and lighten it up even more if you want. My criteria is do I think that I will get tired of the color before I want to repaint again? Do you think that you would get tired of either color eventually (or do you even care--Jes and I HATE to paint so we pick colors to last a very long time, but some people like to paint every time their mood changes. :-)

Kelli said...

Personally, I really like the gray! I love gray on walls, with lots of warm pink decor and furnishing.

You are such a talented and thoughtful decorator, I know it will look gorgeous no matter what color you choose!

Maybe you could do an accent wall in pink - are accent walls still "in"?

If you go with pink, I would go with the palest pink you can find. Pink is kindof like yellow - it is always brighter than it looks on the sample card.

Karen said...

Can't wait to see the finished project.