Wednesday, February 6, 2013

seven minute post

I've got a lot to "talk about" so I didn't even start the seven minutes until after I'd uploaded and resized the photo.

David has croup  :(  

He is nearly over it I think for which I am really thankful.  It has been one of those weeks where plans didn't really turn out as planned but at the same time I could see God's hand leading the way, preparing it all.  

Baby names . . . we still don't have one.  Wanna talk girl names?  What names do you like that you can see us having in our family?
(Remember please, no last name on the blog, thanks!)

I feel like we're leaning towards some names that start with 

K, A, E, C, maybe L

What are your favorite girls' names that start with those letters?

Okay, paint, it is hard.  

Why is it so hard to pick a color?

There are sample swatches painted on the walls of the nursery right now and I'm not 100%.  Two pinks and a gray.  I think I like REALLY pale paint colors.  But the thing is that all three colors are the palest on their cards.  hmmm . . . advice?

Let's see, what else?  I thought I had a lot to say.

In the middle of the night last night when I was lying awake in bed I sure had a ton of thoughts swirling around in my head.

One of the ways that God took care of my smallest of needs/worries was that Dollar Tree carries these great mini-rollers for painting, two to a package, no clean up!  Yippee!!  

hmmm . . .

I feel super conflicted about food right now. 

Eat what I want? try to be healthy? what does healthy food even mean with so many conflicting opinions out there?

I do know that I need to continue to submit this area of my life to God and if I'm honest, I don't like to take God with me to the refrigerator.

What is going on in your week?

What sorts of things are keeping you up at night?  ;)

Okay, well, there's seven minutes.  

I'd love to hear what you're thinking.



BR said...

I'm thinking that i like your stream of consciousness. It suits you. i felt like i was talking to you - or listening to you talk at least. hey! it was neat to actually talk to you today on FaceTime and see how you organize David's pants! ;) Here are some names
K-kate - a very classic name! i think i was going to be katie before i was betty. but between you, me and the rest of blogosphere, kate is way better than katie. although if i had a kate, id probably have fun calling her katie as a nickname.
A- anna, anne (with an e)
E- ella, eleanor
C- cora (downton!)
L- louisa!

Lori said...

hmmm, you are brave to ask suggestions on names. Kaley McKee, Elyce Marie, Ann Marie, Carolina Rae, Lynley Beth or of course Lori Lynn. One of my daughters is expecting in May. They are down to Raylynn or Finley or Brooklynn. I wish they would hurry up I am ready to monogram away.

Zach and Alyson said...

K - Kathryn
A - Alyson
E - Elizabeth
C - Caroline
L - Lane

Hmm... these names all happen to be in my family and/or friends that I know. But they are all great names if you ask me. ;-)

I never weighed in on your nursery theme and I would have to say that the red hearts theme was more "you".

And speaking of croup... we can't seem to get well in our household either. We're on our second round of antibiotics for an ear infection for Ellis. Hopefully we can kick this and be done with illness for awhile. It's not fun!

Thinking about you and your baby girl. Hope all is well! And by the way, I really enjoy your seven minute posts. ;-)


mer@lifeat7000feet said...

I like Ella, Catherine, and Callie. Also, Anne (Annie!), Lane, and Lindy.

Kelly, the book 7 is challenging me about food right now. Wheatbelly did the same thing. I'm especially trying to be careful about processed stuff and focus on WHOLE foods. It's harder than I thought.

If the palest colors are still too dark for you, you can ask them to reduce the formula by 50% (or more). I've done that so many times because no matter how light it seems on the card, it still seems darker on my walls! That's my best tip. :)

Anonymous said...

A lady at my work had a baby about five months ago and named her Cora. I like how it sounds when she talks about her.~dprice

Mindy S. said...

Names: well obviously A, E and K are Amy, Emily and Katelyn. :-) I also like Kelly, Kimberley, Kate, Kayla, Caitlin, Claire, Megan (not one of your letters I know). I will have to think of some more suggestions.

I am so sorry about the croup. That is so scary. Emily has had it a couple of times.

Gina said...

I agree with the others, LOVE Kate! Bailey was going to be Kate, but I really wanted Joy as her middle name and I knew she would always be Katie Joy rather than Kate...I'm a purist :)
L - we always loved Lily, Leah,
A - Anne.. and it has to be with an E :) Although I kind of love Annie a bit too.
C - Claire, Charlotte
I'm so sorry y'all are dealing with croup....Jacob ended up in the ER on Christmas Eve after a nasty bout with it...he was turning blue. Not something I ever want to repeat!.

Karen said...

This mom is not going to suggest names because I will LOVE calling this precious little one any name you choose. Just thought I'd tell you that dad and I thought of Katy for you, but good friends had a Katy just before you were born so we switched to Kelly.

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