Thursday, February 7, 2013

decluttering {twelve}

*Finally* mailing off something that I should have already!

The glass lid to a candle.  Do you keep these while you're burning the candle or throw them away as soon as you light it the first time.  These are kind of an enigma to me.  I'm never sure where to keep them or if I should once I've lit it the first time.  The candle has long since been burned and thrown away but I found the lid in a drawer.  

a random price sticker found on the floor.  I gave David the remainder of our price stickers to play/"craft" with after we did our last garage sale and decided "never again"

a box that held three remaining notecards - kept the cards, don't need the box

various fabric scraps (and my fabric basket is still stuffed full)

a Dec. issue of Real Simple

1 comment:

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