Monday, February 11, 2013

Queen of Hearts

I recently got to host a women's event at my house.  I had two lovely ladies helping me and they did basically all the food and let me decorate!  That is my kind of sharing hostessing duties!

Our theme was black, red and white, queens, hearts . . .  and it was a fun one to work with.  I'm just realizing that all three of these table coverings were cheap ($1 at an estate sale) or free (when I scored after someone cleaned out storage closets at my old school.  

Look at these ADORABLE ladybug crackers that Jeanette made!  They were tasty too.  Well, except for the black olive, I didn't eat that part but I'm sure if you like black olives they were quite tasty too.  The black spots were cream cheese with black food coloring!  Do you see those little chive antena?

Kat made this YUMMY cake that she put a tiara on top of, how clever is that? 

We had lots of other goodies too.

It was also fun to see my living room full of women dressed in red and black!  Quite the coordinated event!  


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