Tuesday, February 12, 2013

declutter {thirteen}

ancient tennis shoes

two wire hangars

generic nyquil that expired in '11

an empty Biz box and extra scoop once I emptied the contents into my glass jar

a broken set of chopsticks that somehow went through the dryer???

I took a photo of the little piece that sits in the washer's agitator but I'm not getting rid of *it*, I just spared you a photo of all of the gunk that had collected in it that has been bugging me for weeks and I finally cleaned out.  It was super simple, why did it take me so long?

an empty and washed out can that I had saved for crafts or whatever - I can always get another, it's time for stuff to go!

some cards/notes/drawings from school years past that I don't need anymore (don't worry I've kept many meaningful ones)

shopping bags


Kori said...

I have found some odd things in my dryer. But never chopsticks! :-)

Karen Gibson said...

You are DEFINITELY nesting!!!

BR said...

Hey! I know those shoes! Good job cleaning out!!