Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Oh, Baby! {baby shower ideas}

Over the last few months I've been reading a new blog.

I was introduced to Cassie's blog by either my friend Tiffany or my friend Renae I think.

It has been fun to realize lots of connections we have and people we both know, etc.

Cassie has been doing a series for a few weeks now on Tuesdays called "Oh Baby!"

It has been wonderful for me to get ideas/advice on what to take to the hospital, which baby products to register for, etc.

Each week she has a Mcklinky set up so that other people can link to their posts about the topic. I decided to do a post for this week's topic, baby showers.

Also, I have a question I'd love for you to answer in the comments if you don't mind. I have three baby showers coming up (what a huge blessing to us and a sweet, sweet gesture by many friends!) and I want to have great hostess gifts for my shower hostesses. Any ideas? And if you are one of those hostesses, maybe just don't read the comments today, 'kay? :)

There are quite a few couples at our church who have just recently had or are having babies very soon!

Recently I helped to hostess a baby shower for a sweet baby boy on the way. :)

I am not super happy with the way the pictures turned out from that day but they will give you an idea at least.

We knew they were going with a sports theme for the nursery so we did an "all-star baby" theme for the shower.
We decided to have a "cookie bar" for the Sunday afternoon refreshments. Each hostess made cookies to contribute. There were lots of yummy kinds including magic cookie bars, different variations on chocolate chip, pumpkin chocolate chip and praline cookies.
I got the idea for using ribbon spools as pedestals here. If you don't already know this blog I think you'll thank me for introducing you! It's a great one!
We wrapped water bottles in color coordinated papers that had been stamped with a "B".

(for baby, boy and the baby's first initial)

close up of the praline cookies on a polka dotted plate (from Target several years ago)

The rest of the photos aren't from actual baby showers but are photos I had in my library that made me think "baby shower".

First, fresh flowers . . .

These photos were taken in Alaska last summer at my friend Betty's house. Speaking of Betty, you have *got* to check out her amazing baby shower cake! She gives a GREAT tutorial.

These next photos are from a wedding shower at my friend Lindsey's house. She always does an amazing job with events. I think this chocolate fondue with the mini krispy kremes and all the other yummy things to dip would be great at a baby shower as well.

And finally, the rest of these photos are from my grandma, Sweetie's, 80th birthday party last year! When I think baby showers though I just automatically associate them with spring although they of course, can and do happen anytime of year so I just thought these photos might also provide good baby shower inspiration.

Cassie, thanks for hosting this fun series!

Be sure to check out her blog for other participants today and each Tuesday and also feel free to link up yourself if you like.


p.s. don't forget to give me your ideas for great hostess gifts! :)



Jordan said...

I've had a few showers myself and been hostess at a lot more! The best hostess gift I ever received was a $5 gift card wrapped up in a cute crafty envelope! So easy and practical and cute...I even copied the idea at one of my showers. I've also received a mini bundt cake (I think it might have been a fancy strawberry or lemon, but I can't remember) on a cute plastic plate (probably from Target). One time I got a pair of cozy seasonal socks and that was good, too. I'm sure you'll come up with something great!

And the shower was pretty darn cute, too!

Christian - Modobject@Home said...

I'm planning to make dish mats (did you see them on my blog?) to use as hostess gifts. I think I'll pair each one with a bottle of Mrs. Meyer's dish soap. Another idea, colorful, cotton kitchen towels, one for each hostess, with her name monogrammed on it in a complimentary color.

Beth said...

One of the cutest gifts I got as a hostess was a potted plant - very inexpensive to make, but keeps on giving, you know?

Also, my sister in law gave small boxes of chocolate as hostess gifts (she happened to find some Godiva ones on clearance, but obviously there are many other good and not so pricey brands - Ghiradelli is excellent)

Ashley said...

Cute shower!

And hostess gifts-I sewed bright colored ric rack on white kitchen towels & wrapped it around a soap from b&bw.
The favorite gift I have received would probably be a very cute personalized notepad with my name on it.

Julie said...

Ok, I had SOOO many hostesses for Aaron's shower that I decided not to give hostess gifts. I started thinking about it in terms of $, and what I could have afforded would have been junk.

Hopefully you won't have that problem...I love the idea of something consumable...no guilt in not keeping something you don't like. Personally, I think a loaf of your hubby's bread, or something else you and he make special would be inexpensive, and SOOO delicious. Those praline cookies are divine...a dozen of those would be delicious. You could wrap the gift in a dish towel, or put it in a reusable Ziploc container.

BR said...

Are you ready for THIS?!?! Now it WOULD take some PURE Kelly genius to wrap this up to look pretty because I know you and know you would have to, but I would like to submit my entry into the running for the categories of best, most unique, easiest & most delicious, hostess gift and it is BACON.

This gift doesn't begin to compete with Modgirl's hand stitched monogrammed kitchen towels or dish mats, but I'm not submitting in that category, I'm submitting in different categories.

So, THE bacon, in my opinion comes from Benton's Smokey Mountain Country Hams. WOW!!! My friend, Ginny, who you remember, once gave us a pound of this bacon when Cliff helped them move a treadmill or something. WOW!! Then, the other day, she was at my house and just put a pound in my freezer! WHO does THAT!?!?! Wow AGAIN!!

Anyway, order the bacon - its amazing and your hostesses will love you for it!! It costs $5.25 per pound plus shipping with a minimum order of 4 lbs. 1 pound per hostess should be perfect - just enough to have them beggin' for more!



Betty said...

have you ever made those mexican wedding cakes or as they are called in sitka, "russian teacakes?" they always look and taste so good but I've never made them.

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