Tuesday, July 15, 2008

inside the box part 2

Here is the second box!  

Here is what was inside!!  One of our couch pillows!  

And here:  
is the lovely girl who along with her husband, Cliff, gave us these terrific gifts.  This is my friend Betty, and let me tell you, she is a gem!  God has blessed us with a friendship that has grown through the years.  One of my first memories of Betty is of her sitting behind me in freshman Bible with Neale Pryor.  One time she asked me to write down the words to "As a Deer".  Funny thing to remember.  

Betty and I were friends in college but it seems we have grown even closer since college seeing each other every so often.  Her wedding to Cliff was one of the most fun weekends ever! A wonderful early September weekend in Indiana with great friends and a wedding in a "chapel in the woods" with bell ringers and beautiful people!  

Betty and Cliff live in Alaska now but are coming to our wedding and we couldn't be more thankful and humbled by their wanting to bless us with their presence.  

Betty also made and adorably wrapped in the wedding colors, this set of notecards for us.  She is a terrific photographer and had snapped a picture of us at our Bree Bash '07.  

Thank you, Betty and Cliff for being amazing friends!  love, Kelly

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Sandi said...

Oh -- this post makes my heart almost ache -- I just love Betty and miss her. What a thoughtful person, and what a fun and beautiful gift!

Don't worry, Kelly, about not getting together last time you were in MO. I had been leaving comments for you on MY blog instead, and it ended up Chase got a stomach bug and I was kinda stressed so had canceled on my end anyway. :) If you come again, we'll have to try again!

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