Wednesday, July 30, 2008

advice and packing progress

First of all, thank you soo much for commenting!  It is so nice!

Okay, for the advice:  
I bought this candle holder for $5 or something like that many years ago.  It has served wonderfully in my black, pink and white bedroom with a white pillar candle and crystals hanging from the little swirly things on top.  
I think it would perhaps be nice on one of the serving tables at the wedding.  I'd like to paint it.  So that's where you come in ~  what color?

a deep reddish orange?

robin's egg blue?  


what are your thoughts?  

here's some packing progress in the living room:  
that big pile in the corner is boxes and padding of various types at the ready

Balcony ready to carry over to the new place
A peak at the storage closet pre-packing.  This is one of my favorite things I've done at this apt.  I put cup hooks into the walls of my storage closet and hung all of my baskets, pails, things with handles, etc.  It has made it super easy to see and use what I have, pull out a basket for bread at dinner, etc.  

The storage closet is now all packed up.  Photos to come!  


Jenni said...

I don't know....I really like the candle holder black. I think it all depends on what else will be on the table at the wedding -- an easy way to make it very flexible would be to do it white instead and use ribbon or fabric to make it blend with any particular table....

but of the options you listed, I like the idea of doing it blue best.....

Mod Girl said...

I love seeing everything hooked to the wall in your storage closet. Charming!

As for the candle holder... either keep it black or paint it brown. I think that painting it a color will make it too flashy and folks will be looking at the holder and not what's on top!

Anonymous said...

I also think it depends on what else is on the table with it. I like the idea of white or perhaps some sort of dull (not super shiny) metallic such as a silver. Then I started thinking about that birdcage you talked about earlier in your blog. I was picturing it in brown, so I scrolled back to look at it and you said that you might paint it blue, which made me think that blue was the way to go, but I also saw your arrangement on the brown chair with the assorted wedding colors including a brown nest and I did like how the brown tied the orange and blue together. So basically I have been no help and I think that it will probably look good no matter what color you paint it. Do you know what else will go on the table with it yet?


Jacquie said...

I think paint it brown. If you paint it blue you may not know exactly where in your house to put it after the wedding. But you are pretty creative so blue might be perfect!

Karen said...

My first thought was to leave it black, but I thought that probably wasn't too creative until I saw Jenni and Mod girl's posts and decided that if they thought so too, it must be OK--so for my vote, black it is.