Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Terrific stores

Seriously, Dollar Tree is THE BEST dollar store.  My mom, grandma and I all agree!  It is.  
(I thought about getting high tech and putting in a nice logo pic from the internet but it's all about simplifying around here so I just took a pic of the empty shopping bag!  Hope you don't care.)  :)  
While there I found both white and brown plain gift bags of a good size. I am going to foof them up a bit and they will be our "take home" bags of reception food labeled, "Bride" and "Groom".  :)  OOHHHH so exciting!  We're about to be the bride and groom!!  

Anyway, I've heard that the bride and groom rarely get to eat anything at their reception and so "to go" bags are a good idea.  I've also heard it's important to make sure the person in charge of them remembers to get them into your car before you go.  AND then, there's the story of my parents' little "to go" boxes of reception food.  They left them in the car when they went into the hotel and when my dad came back for them, there were just crumbs on the seat!  Ha!  Presumably the valet ate them!  

But all that to say, I think I'll give it a go anyway.  Anyone reading this coming to the wedding and want to be in charge of filling our "to go" bags and making sure they get into our car???

Okay, detour, back to Dollar Tree.  I also got FLIP FLOPS!!!  In the wedding colors!  For $1 a pair.  All you brides out there wanting flip flops, head to your local Dollar Tree now!  I knew I had missed the $1 flip flop day at Old Navy I had read about on some other bride blogs but was cautiously optimistic that I might find some flip flops cheaply priced enough to scoop up some somewhere on clearance as fall nears and yesterday I hit the jackpot!  Yippee!   

Also, I found my favorite kind of white plastic hangars with the little hooks on the sides which have been elusive to me recently at Target/Wal-mart and packing tape for the move!!!  $1 hangars are not that unusual but $1 name brand packing tape!!!  Hooray!  

(Speaking of, I need to wrap up this blog post and go get to some packing today!  Maybe I can post some packing progress pictures later.)

Then there's Hobby Lobby.  I really appreciate this store and their wonderful 1/2 off sales and their committment to their values.  They are closed on Sundays to allow their employees time of worship and rest.  I also have heard that Hemispheres is in the "Hobby Lobby" family.  Haven't ever been to one yet although there is one very nearby.  Anyone been?  Do you like it?   
I got wedding napkins at Hobby Lobby.  $1.99 for a package of 50!  Hooray!  
No $5.95 for 20 napkins for me thank you very much!  
I've got to go get more though.  I bought them out of this color but still only have about half of what I think I'll need.  

I hope you all are having a good day!  Thanks so much for reading and for commenting!  It truly makes my day!  

p.s. anyone know of a good place to get those metal barbecue skewers cheap?  thanks.  kelly


Tiffany said...

Great find! But what are you going to do with all of those flip flops!!!! Just curious! haha!

Miss G said...

Good question, Tiffany! Are you ever at a wedding and you are having a great time out on the dance floor but your feet hurt???! yep! be my guest! Kelly

Jenni said...

so fun!! thanks again for the decorating idea for my room -- I'm about to post pics of the finished room!!

Meredith said...

Love love love the color--and the price!

I will have to find a Hobby Lobby near me soon.