Wednesday, July 16, 2008

today's to do list and some random photos just for fun

Today is a get busy and get stuff done day.  My mom is coming tomorrow.  Why do moms somehow provide extra motivation?  I don't know but I'm glad of it!  

So far today:

I've folded laundry

emptied half of the dishwasher

eaten a real lunch (rather than just ice cream)

taken pics of my dining room table for Adrian to post on Craigslist

figured up candle prices and how many I think I want to order

attempted two calls to my friend Meredith in Africa

adjusted budget categories to have more money to spend on fabric for table runners

had some good times of prayer with God

watched a guy re-striping our parking lot and thinking that automatic paint thing looked pretty fun and I wonder what he'd think if I came down and asked to try my hand at a stripe or two ;)

talked through how much fabric I'll need to buy for table runners with my friend Jenni over blueberry muffins for breakfast

decided which fabrics I want the runners to be in

received news from the venue coordinator that there is no refrigerator, ice maker, coffee maker, etc. without tears or a breakdown of any kind

ordered some more tables and hired the company we're renting them from to set them up and tear them down so we don't have to

gotten some invite/address info to a shower hostess

e-mailed my cousin about invitations that he is so graciously helping me with

talked to my mom, Sweetie and Poppy on the phone

and a few other odds and ends

my bed's not made, i'm still in my p.j.s but hey that's a lot of stuff that I've made headway on for just after noon!  

For the afternoon:

take pics of fabric for runners and e-mail to my mom since she has very graciously offered to go to the store and buy it!

an ice cream break at some point! 

perhaps a run by Macy's to look at the Sunbeam mixer (I don't like kitchenaid, i just don't, i know everyone does and they come in every color in the rainbow but that's just not what I want)

if I get out to go to Macy's go to Dillard's to register for some sheets that I saw and liked at another Dillard's and thought I would just add online but I can't figure out how to do it!

call someone to see if they're up for altering my veil

try to call Africa again

make some steps towards getting back on the working out wagon

call my friend emily

work on the wedding cards i began the other day

call my friend Marcella

call my friend Rachel M. 

have dinner with my friend Tiffany

hang out with Adrian 

and go to Bible study

Whew!  I'd better get back at it I guess!  

I'll leave you with a few random photos since posts are always more fun with photos.

I ran across this picture today of my nephew's 1st birthday present from me from back in January.  Obviously I was already into the orange and blue then and I didn't even really realize it!  
I don't think I've shown you these.  My mom and I found three of the tiered baskets above on sale at Dillard's for a great price and I think I'm gonna use them on the family and friends dessert buffet table.  

Finally, do you know what this is?  An old sewing machine drawer.  My mom and I have several of them between us and we're thinking about using them at the wedding for long flower arrangements, to hold silverware, etc.  Any other ideas?  

I hope you're having a blessed day!  Thanks for stopping in!  Kelly


Jenni said...

fun! love that you are already getting so much accomplished and that I was able to be a productive part of your day! thanks again so much for letting me stay last night! looks like Friday is the day for the a/c repair, so two nights at Martha are in my future

Sarah B said...

You're making me tired just reading the list!!! I love those kind of days - and in your pj's are the best, too :) Congrats on getting so much done. Hope your afternoon is just as grand.