Wednesday, July 16, 2008

progress report #3

Well, I kind of wondered if today's posts would be boring you to death, but I've had requests for more progress reporting so . . . 

mall - I decided to wait to go with my mom while she's here because we have some other shopping we want to do there anyway, no sense in two trips

finally showered and got ready

called Africa again but still no answer

made an appt. with someone to have my veil altered

asked my sweet Aunt Terry if she'd be willing to join my wonderful aunt Gail who already offered and my Sweetie to help sew tablerunners - she said she'd be honored!  hooray!

have begun looking at a website with some workout options!

got to hang out with Adrian early!


Jenni said...

what a great, productive afternoon!

jennyc said...

Yea for progress! For some reason it always makes me feel good to read other people's to do lists. I actually saw a blog one time of a lady who collected to do lists... interesting. Well, you've inspired me - I'm off to be productive! Enjoy your mom!

Deborah said...

I love that you listed "showering" on your progress for the day. Wait until you have kids, and then you'll really know how much progress that is!!

I, too, love reading all about your goings on regarding your wedding-planning. Hope you and your mom had a blast--of course you did! How silly was that comment?

Rachel said...

I love TO DO lists and being able to mark the things accomplished off! What a great feeling! Looks like you had an afternoon full of accomplishments! Hope you had a great shopping trip at the mall with your mom and it was as productive as your afternoon!