Monday, July 28, 2008

thank you and post office

Thank you so much, Jenny, Darla, Deborah, Amy, Modgirl, Amy and Sarah for commenting on yesterday's post!  Yesterday was a good and needed day of rest and all of your comments really uplifted me!  Thank you!  

Today so far I slept all the way through the night!  (I've been having some crazy awake times in the wee morning hours, bleh!) and then got up and went to aerobics.  I made a mammoth trip to the post office to mail some wedding related goodies and some other stuff.  I also got some great fabric ON SALE at Hancock's for table runners.  If anyone needs fabric for anything, they are having a huge sale right now!  I thought I had chosen the only non-sale fabric in the whole store but then found out when I checked out that it was 25% off!  Yippee!

My mom and I think that pretty stamps are a joy in life.  For our wedding invitations I am just going to go with the Forever stamp for reasons of economy.  We bought them before the postage hike.  I do like that they have the sentiment "forever" on them which is exactly what Adrian and I are committing to on our wedding day.  

For today's mailings though I was really hoping for something cute and pretty.  

I was quite happy with these adorable hearts and for these dragonflies!  The lady at the post office was even sweet enough to comment on how the dragonflies matched my envelopes!  Hooray!

On another note:  this weekend is moving weekend.  I am moving into the apt. that Adrian and I will both live in after the wedding.  I am excited.  I am wondering though about moving as I sit here eating my ice cream with a plastic spoon because my kitchen is already packed.  

What is your advice for the most efficient packing/moving?  Is there a painless way to do this?  

hmm . . . off to spend some time with God and then kick into gear on the rest of my to do list for today.  

I look forward to your comments!  Kelly


Anonymous said...

You would think that since I have moved three times in three years (1-out of our house to have piers put in, 2-to Little Rock, 3-back to Tulsa) that I would have a ton of suggestions, but no, I am still no expert. My suggestion is that you close your eyes, take and deep breath and then take it one box at a time. Do the easy boxes first (for me that was the kitchen and the bathrooms and the clothes). Just throw the stuff in the cabinets--you can go back later and organize it when all of the boxes are gone. Later, when you get down to the harder boxes of stuff that you don't know what to do with, take it one box and a time and just empty it. If you don't know where to put the stuff just put it in the middle of the floor. I found that it was easy to push a box against the wall and ignore it, but if you empty the box and put the stuff in the middle of the floor then it becomes really hard to ignore it and you just have to find a place to put the stuff. And (I am sure that you know this) most importantly, don't forget to leave room for Adrian to move in! While Jes and I were dating he was redecorating/remodeling his house (soon to be ours). He finished up the Master bedroom, bathroom and closet about the time that we got engaged. I found it very sweet that when he moved back into the Master suite that he was very conscious about only using half of the closet and dresser space and bathroom space, even though it would be months before I moved in. Have fun this weekend and stay hydrated. I wish I could be there to help.

Kathryn said...

I'm afraid there is no painless way to move! My suggestion is to label boxes with what room they go in, so when everything is unloaded, you have a some source of starting to organize it all. That's helped me!

(Kelly - not sure if you remember me from HU or not, but I was glad to run across your blog. Congrats on the upcoming wedding!)

Anonymous said...

Easy and painless? Not a chance.:-)Four moves in 3 years, once while pregnant and all involving kids and there is NO WAY for it to be easy or painless. But it will be WELL WORTH IT! :-) I'll be praying for you!

BR said...

Moving Tip #1 - McDonald's French Fry boxes! They are medium sized and strong! BIG boxes are the WORST because they are too discouraging to pack & unpack (it takes forever) and they are really awkward to move. If you call before the lunch rush, McDonalds will save their boxes for you to pick up. Last but not least, they are free!

Tip #2 - If in doubt, throw it out! I have a friend that helped me do my cleaning this spring and she said, "Betty, you made the mistake of buying this, don't make the mistake of keeping it." Hard core, I know, but if you are strong enough to admit it, the dividends of simple living pay off!

Have fun! Love you!

jessica lynn said...

love the heart stamp!