Sunday, July 27, 2008


I've had this post in the works for quite a while.  First the perfectionistic tendencies of wanting to include every single person who has helped me in any way and being afraid I would miss someone were holding me back, then I thought I must have photos matched up with each person, plus just busyness with wedding stuff and moving, but I'm posting this today. 

I need it even more than I need y'all to read it.  I need to remind myself about all the wonderfulness of this time and how kind people are.  I need to remind myself that people really don't mind doing things and that we've had fun doing all of this stuff.  

I hit a wall this week of working my tail off, not enough sleep, trying to do too much at once, trying to take on the weight of all things wedding and moving related onto my own shoulders when I don't even need to do that and just in general having a hard time just trusting God with all that "I have to do".  I feel lame for having to admit that, but it's true.  

I usually write "sunny" blog posts.  This one is just my raw feelings.  I appreciate when I read about "real life" in y'all's blogs so why not just put it out there myself?  

So, here is my people post and I do thank each of you mentioned and unmentioned from the bottom of my heart!  

aunts, cousins, Mom and sister-in-law

Wanna know one of my favorite things about wedding planning?  


People who love you are amazing!  I feel so humbled and blessed by the people who are surrounding me and celebrating with me during this time!

I've been reflecting on all of the people who have helped and are helping me (some of whom are pictured above!) and I am just humbled, in awe, sooo grateful and BLESSED!!!

Here's a sampling:  

Adrian ~ is  always there to encourage me, tells me he appreciates me planning our wedding, is my "idea man", cares for me when I'm stressed and in tears, reminds me to have fun planning because isn't that the point, is all around WONDERFUL!

Bible study and church friends who are so happy for us and want to hear about wedding plans, suggest photographers and videographers and florists, etc. and are there week in and week out

blog friends, some who I know in person and some who I don't who offer encouragement, advice, opinions and just share in a camaraderie during this time

My sister-in-law Mandy who was my right arm while I was in Houston, listened to endless wedding talk, went with me to register (such fun!), shopped with me, helped me with errands and was just all around fabulous and supportive AND has one of the cutest kids in the world!  

Brad and Britney who came over for ice cream and to share their wedding pics

college friends from far and wide have told me that they pla

n to be at my wedding, knowing that someone will fly from Alaska or Tennessee or Oklahoma or Arkansas or wherever to be with me and celebrate with me is a blessing beyond words

my Dad - for being so generous and for encouraging me to just not worry about any of it, for sitting down and creating an excel spreadsheet with me so I could get my mind wrapped around the money part of this venture, for helping me to get to this place in my life

my friend Darla who offered that even though we don't see each other that much anymore, she'd love to help me with things! 

My friend Jenny is Mo for a wonderful weekend there planning!  

Dee Dee and Katie who advised me on engagement pic locations - you guys are great!

my aunt Gail for offering to help sew tablerunners, tie bows, etc.  Priceless and so appreciated!

My friend Meredith for designing invitations and for sooo much more!  

my cousin Jonathan for helping me sooo much with the entire invitation process!    

my cousin Emily, Aunt Terry, Uncle Lynn and the whole family for being excited for and with me, helping me in the search for cake plates, helping to sew table runners and planning a yummy surprise for the wedding!

My Aunt Terry's sister, Gwen for offering to do just anything!

My grandma, Sweetie, she is doing so much!  She helped me wrap little bottles of bubbles, polished silver for us, will make things, bought cake plates, is so interested in everything and reads and e-mails me a response to every blog post!  

my friends Emily, Rachel and Sarah for talking with me and listening, calling me, being interested in ideas, Rachel offering to host one of my showers in her home, emily and i having long phone chats long distance and for her prayers, Sarah going shopping with me, you girls are jewels!  This all bowls me over!

My friend Marla, for hosting a shower, coming to showers, doing as much as she can with a little teeny tiny baby in tow!  :)  Remembering important things, being an all around encourager and prayer, she and Trey being wonderful "couple friends" as well. 

my sweet friend Erin and her husband Adam and their wonderful kiddos throwing us a "typing the knot" dinner party, giving me such a neat bride stationary set, doing fabulous shower invitations, being wonderful "couple friends" to us, being interested in plans and details, giving advice and on and on!

friends here and there who have given their heartfelt and exuberant congratulations over e-mails, phone messages, cards and even gifts - it feels good to know you're loved and remembered

Missouri friends - Dave and Karin who gave me a fantastic chair in the wedding colors and searched through the barn to find their supply of old blue glass canning jars for me to use!  Priceless!  Sally and the Wendy, Micaela and Amanda for going on antiquing adventures in the midwest looking for wedding decor

even my mom's co-worker's daughter who lives in the city where the wedding will be held and is going to ask around for a good hairdresser for me!  how kind is that?!

My friend Holly who went with me to visit a florist, sat through the whole meeting with me, took notes, asked questions I hadn't thought of and smoothly kept the whole thing on track!  It was great!  She unselfishly served me and I sooo appreciated it and we had a great time hanging out.  

My friend Rachel, giving up some of her precious time to come over here one night and sit with me to talk through food, serving dishes needed, the logistics of everything and even gave me some great ideas for some other stuff!  It is so good to have friends!  She and I got to share our hearts and enjoy some good prayer time together as well.

My friend Jenny for spending a lovely day out with me shopping for things, brainstorming and encouraging as she is so gifted at!  oh, and giving me an adorable little gift in the wedding colors!

My friend Jenni for being my computers, numbers, math kind of extroidinaire and in general just being fun, encouraging, good at talking things through and taking initiative and getting inside my mind!  Thank you, thank you, thank you!  Plus also organizing the most fabulous first shower and cooking dinner for me!     

My friend Sarah went with me to lunch when I needed the distraction to just keep from wallowing in wedding planning worries at home and then helped me pack 20 boxes for my move!  Plus loaned me all of those boxes and more!!!

people in Houston and Dallas, from my present church and from churches I've attended in the past, high school friends and college friends throwing me showers - it is an amazingly humbling feeling!  I appreciate it soo much, you guys!  (More about the shower later!)

I am sure I have left someone out and I do not mean to at all so please forgive me if I have!  Thank you all!  Kelly


Amy L said...

What a sweet post! You'll be so happy to have this list one day and be able to remind yourself of all of the wonderful ways that people helped you during this hectic, fun, stressful, and amazing period of life.

Our wedding, and the process leading up to up, really showed me how many friends I have and who would be there for me. Having that support and love during one of the most important times of life was humbling. You are blessed, and you are going to have a fabulous day!

Sarah B said...

Good for you for taking the time to count your blessings. My pleasure to be a miniscule part. Looking forward to further opportunities. (I didn't pack 20 long did you keep working?? :)

Amy Porter said...

I love reading your blog...even though I rarely comment...I am keeping up with all of your fun wedding planning adventures!! I loved reading this post and know that you will love looking back at it in several years and remember what pivotal part all of these friends had in you special day!! Soak this all up...what a fun time!!

Mod Girl said...

Such a meaningful post, and refreshing to see a bride whose focus is on others! If the people surrounding you through your wedding planning and on your wedding day are such sources of inspiration, encouragement, and love... well, I'd say you and Adrian are a very blessed couple indeed!

Enjoy this special, special time, but know that the best is yet to come!

Darla said...

I love you, my friend! What a precious post--I read every word and wished I could play a bigger, more helpful part! Is there ANYTHING I can help with at this point? I really would love to, I hope you know I mean it! I have tomorrow (Monday) and then Tuesday morning left--I go back to work on Wednesday (and am picking up my Grandma at the airport on Tuesday p.m.) There are also weekends, and as things get down to the wire I'd be pleased as punch to do whatever I can. You seem to be doing SO well, I'm so impressed with your organization and creativity! (NOT that I'm surprised...) You are such a joy--I'm glad to get these glimpses of your life, even if they are somewhat removed and not usually "in person". You are a blessing.

Deborah said...

I'm with Darla. I wish I could play a bigger part in all of this. I hate that distance separates me from doing more. You were ESSENTIAL to my wedding planning and you fulfilled many of the roles that you have listed here in this post. Do you remember running around all over the city doing last minute errands before the wedding? Do you remember what you "loaned" me before I left? (I'm chuckling thinking about it!).
What a testimony this is to the way people love you and Adrian and approve of your "coming together". I love you both, and I'm so thankful to be one of those "college friends" you mentioned.

jennyc said...

You are truly loved... I think its great you can take a minute to put it all in perspective. As many have said, it definitely is the people who make this time soooo special! Soak up every ounce of love poured on you and fill your love tank :)

Sandi said...

What a special list, Kelly. You are truly blessed!

I remember my favorite part of the honeymoon (okay, totally not my FAVORITE part but one of the neat things) :) was being able to actually think clearly without wedding details filling my brain constantly -- checklists, etc. I was able to just leave it all behind.

Enjoy the process and know that soon you'll be able to look BACK on the day and smile.