Saturday, July 19, 2008

too far into wedding planning

You know you're too far gone into wedding planning when you're on the home improvement aisle of Target looking for a drop cloth to spray paint a few things for the wedding and you notice that duct tape comes in orange and a turquoise blue!  You briefly wonder if you should buy some for use somehow at the wedding . . . hmmmm . . . caught myself just in time!  None went into the basket.  

If you were going to somehow use duct tape at a wedding (colored mind you!) how would you do it?  Come on, I want to hear those creative comments!  :)  

Hope everyone's having a good weekend.  As previously stated, my mom's here and we're working our little tails off and getting a TON done!  

Tomorrow is my first shower!  I'm so excited!  I have such wonderful, lovely friends throwing it for me!  I'm off to decide what I'm going to wear!  Kelly

p.s. I didn't have my camera at the moment of the duct tape incident or you better believe I would have taken a picture to share with all of you!  


Deborah said...

Don't most people have "those" family members that enjoy giving their opinions about everything? I'm thinking there could be a great opportunity for duct tape...

Anonymous said...

When I was still working we received a book at the library that had lots of ideas for things to make with duct tape--including a dress and a pair of sandels. I am thinking that you could make a great outfit to wear to the rehersal dinner! :-)

Rachel said...

I never knew there was colored duct tape until our boys asked for it for Christmas this past year. I don't have much creativity but I like Mindy's idea of an outfit for the rehearsal dinner! Can't wait to see pictures of your shower!!! :)

MM said...

You crack me up with your colored duct tape. Hope your shower went well!