Monday, April 13, 2009

Double Birthday!!

Today is a very special day!

My Sweetie (my grandma) and my cousin Jenny share a birthday today!

We had a very fun birthday party and time together this weekend.

I hope they both have wonderful, wonderful birthdays and many more!

I love you both! Kelly


Mod Girl said...

{Smile} I knew the tea would be beautiful! Are those some of your vintage tablecloths?! Great job, Kelly... and what a special afternoon.

You are looking very fresh and springy in your pink and green!

Karen said...

The whole weekend was wonderful! So glad you and A were home to share it!

Jenny Aven said...

So, since you named me I figured I should comment. The party turned out beautifully. You did a great job with the decorations. It was great to see you and Adrian.

Anonymous said...

You made the fruit cups from Apples of Gold!!! ~Julie