Sunday, April 5, 2009


Tulips are one of my all time favorite flowers.

Both of these photos were taken in Chicago last May.
I wish this second one wasn't a little blurry.

The first time I visited Adrian's family in Pennsylvania it was April and the tulips were some of the biggest I'd ever seen. They were beautiful!

I would love to see the tulips in Holland some day.

Have you ever been to Holland?



Mod Girl said...

Never been to Holland but would love to go someday!

That first photo would look great as a header.

Karen said...

I've been to Holland but only in the airport where I almost missed my flight to Italy. When J & M went to Holland, they brought me back a bouquet of pink tulips. BEAUTIFUL!

Miss G said...

Thanks Modgirl, when I tried a photo header in the past it didn't work for me but if anyone has any blogger tips, I'm accepting them.

Mom, I don't know if I knew you almost missed your flight to Italy! Whoa! And I remember those tulips! So neat! I had forgotten though until you said so that they'd been to Holland.


RiversideAV said...

Tulips are my favorite too. In sixth grade we had to do a collage on poster board and a little research paper on a country. I picked the Netherlands and one section of my collage was tulips. ~ Renae