Saturday, April 11, 2009

lived in a little

This is one of the very first pictures I took of our new apt. when I moved in last August. Two months to go until the wedding, lots to do and that "just moved in" feeling of things being awry.

Fast forward to this spring. I've had time to feather our nest and we feel at home here.

photo: mantel decoration, "Harding swing" replica, white dishes "shopped from the house" as the Nester would say, a candle holder from one of my showers, one of the apothecary jars from our wedding now holding springy nests, eggs and flowers instead of rock candy.

in this shot you can see way over to the left that we finally bought some furniture!
I need to post about that excitement!
vintage hat bought several years ago in McKinney where we were married, white dishes, a white feather, a bouquet that my mom gave to me, mini latte bowl from anthropolgie, spool of crotchet thread given to me free at Canton when I asked how much, a little piggy bank that I've had since childhood


Mod Girl said...

Your mantle is utterly charming! I love all of the white and the apothecary jar is beautiful! I especially love the splash of brightness that the milk glass(?) IN the fireplace adds. Good job, Kelly!

Lorilee said...

Your mantle is beautiful. I love the vintage hat on the hat stand. I have a collection of my Granny's old hats but no stand!