Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Wedding Wednesday - rock candy

Fairly early on in the wedding planning process I decided that I'd like to do a candy buffet.

Well, as time went on it became less of a priority to me budget wise as well as time wise. We decided on just doing lollipops instead of individual little candies that would need scoops, bags, stickers . . . on and on and on.

I snagged these apothecary jars at Marshall's for $9.99 each, bought the rock candy in bulk, got the ribbon at Canton and the paper (which was reversible and was used for many, many different projects) from J. Caroline Creative and made the signs myself. These were the kinds of projects I had so much fun with.


tootie said...

Neat idea! The jar looks so pretty!

Miss G said...

Thanks Tootie! Kelly

Anonymous said...

I will always associate rock candy with you! Every time we come over, there is always an abundance, and I'm always glad to take one.

David Gibson said...

I have been on a kick of eating the one's we had left here. Got any more to re-stock me.

Love Dad

Miss G said...

I'm all out Dad. :( Sorry. Kelly