Sunday, April 19, 2009

oatmeal pie

Have you ever heard of oatmeal pie?

I hadn't until I was flipping through one of the cookbooks Adrian brought into our marriage. His grandmother had given it to him and it's a cookbook from New Mexico.

Oatmeal pie was intriguing to me but I didn't know of any occasion or reason to make it and the two of us certainly don't need an entire pie to consume on our own. (Although we could!)

When I found out this morning at church that the items that were still needed for tonight's crawfish boil were chips and desserts, I knew I would be making oatmeal pie this afternoon.

Creaming the butter and sugar!
(Can any recipe that begins with this step go wrong?)

Stirring the oatmeal in with the rest of the ingredients.

It has been baking for the last hour and the apt. smells WONDERFUL!

We'll see how it tastes. If you're at the crawfish boil tonight you'll have to chime in if it was any good or not. It's an experiment. We shall see . . .



Karen said...

Looks yummy! How did it taste. We FINALLY have sunshine. Hallelujah!

Deborah said...

OOOOH, I'm dying to know about this!!

Mod Girl said...

So how was it?! I've never heard of oatmeal pie, but I must say that it intrigues me. Give us a full report.