Tuesday, August 12, 2008

finally done!, shower, question

Whew!  I'm finally done trying to get all of the addresses entered.  Just waiting to hear back from a few people and that part of sending out invitations at least will be done.  It was tedious but it will be so completely worth it when we are surrounded by family and friends on our wedding day!  

I have not yet shared about the shower!  Things have just been busy!  We have another shower coming up this weekend in Houston!  Oh, I am soo excited!  I want to be sure and share about this first one before the second one comes along!

These are presents from Adrian and my mom all ready to go.  Adrian did something incredibly sweet!  He knew I had been searching for antique cake servers to have engraved with our initials without any luck.  He got on ebay and bought one that matches the pattern of the antique silver we were just recently given!  How neat is that?!!!  What an heirloom to treasure!  
My mom got us this neat platter below for our shower!  I love it!  Sorry the picture is a little fuzzy.  Platters are just so much fun!  

One of the hostess gifts was this square cake pedestal in the same pattern as the platter that also goes with our everyday dishes.  I am so excited to host parties, get togethers, etc. and get to use these neat things.  I'm sure you will be seeing pictures of them on the blog once the wedding is over and Adrian and I get back to cooking!  

Opening another present.  It really was wild to be the one who the shower was being given for this time around.  Whoa!

Trying to adequately express my sincere thanks go people who not only have thrown this fabulous shower but have been family to me during the past ten years!  

Here's my question:  I'm looking for some lightly patterned paper that can have addresses printed on it and still be legible over the pattern in either a robin's egg blue or an orange for our wrap around address labels for our wedding invitations.  If you happen to be out shopping at a scrapbooking store or some other place with paper and you run across something like this that might work, will you let me know?  School starts on Monday, I've got to get these things out and I no longer have time to be scouting all over for "just the perfect thing" so I thought I'd enlist the help of my blog friends!  You guys are so great always leaving such great comments and giving good advice!  For those of you who are silently reading out there, feel free to chime in anytime. :)  Thanks! Kelly


Julie said...

Thank you for visiting my blog and your sweet comments on my devo. today. You have blessed my heart.

You know I hear you. It's understanding what it really means to "be still". Where does "doing" come in? I think it comes in after "being". We don't do things because we can or feel we must, we do them because He calls us into them knowing it is His ability that will fulfill what He calls us into.

I just don't think Martha knew how to "be still".
What I have seen is that in the stillness of "my work" He becomes God in me and through me.
I heard a quote once, "God is a verb". I think of
God more as a "noun" than a verb. What He began to show me was that as I ceased from "my efforts" He became the action in me...He became a verb in me. I don't know if this makes sense, but it's what I am learning, step by step as He unveils...

Thanks for stopping by.

Cary/Ashley said...

LOVE your black dress!! So cute!!

jennyc said...

Hey Kel -

I found a lot of orange and blue stuff for your shower at the JoAnn's in Plano. They had some really cute paper in the $1 spot of all places. Have a great time at your 2nd shower this weekend!