Monday, August 25, 2008

so important

Today I'd like to link over to Sandy's blog. She wrote this post a few days ago and I think it's definitely worth sharing. As I read through the comments I was shocked and surprised about how many people turn people down when they ask for help with things. It made me thankful all over again for the wonderful, wonderful people I am surrounded with in my life and made me want to encourage myself and you to be the kind of person who can help someone out from time to time.
I'm thankful today for my friend Sarah who is so thoughtfully having Jenni, Adrian and I over for dinner on the first day of school! Hooray for not having to cook! And it's her first day too!
I'm also so thankful for my mom and dad and my grandma who helped with various aspects of working on the invitations for our wedding this weekend and for my cousin Jonathan and friend Meredith who designed and are carrying them out. I'm very blessed.
Let's all be a blessing when and where we can.


Mod Girl said...

I so enjoyed Sandy's post... and yes it made me think. I thought about the importance of "doing" rather than "saying." Actions speak louder than words right? So if I'm genuinely wanting to help someone shouldn't I just find something to do (deliver a meal, clean their kitchen, keep their kids) rather than just saying, "what do you need?" or, worse, "call me if you need me."

I'll be honest, I'm going through the wringer right now with VERY sick kids and a sick husband, yet I can count the number of times on MORE than one hand that I've turned down offers for help in the past week. Pride? Perhaps, and not wanting to impose on others.

I'm learning a lot through this drawn out saga of sickness. First, that I need to get better about being honest with others when I need help. And, second, when I learn of a family or an individual going through a hard time I need to pray that God will show me what to do for them and then DO IT. I don't need to wait around for requests for help; if other people are like me (and I suspect they are) they won't ask for help... and, like me, they'll even turn it down.

Stacey @ The Blessed Nest said...

Thanks for your sweet comment on my blog the other day! I enjoyed looking at your blog and seeing your wedding plans & ideas. I really liked the glass luncheon/snack sets used for your shower! I've got a collection of about 50 of them now :). You'll be so glad that you're documenting the wedding preparations--you should print some of your posts out to scrapbook! Best wishes getting settled in your new apartment :),