Monday, August 11, 2008

Faithful God and make-up advice

This photo taken at one of my old apts. is a good one for me to think on right now.  

My A/C is out!  
The magic "unpacking fairies" didn't come while we were in Pittsburgh.
Things seem a little hard right now. 

I know God is faithful though and this morning I prayed again asking Him to be in control of the wedding and everything else.  He is.  He will.

Good things for today:  
My friend Rachel, let me spend the night at her place so I didn't have to sleep in un-airconditioning!
I worked out.
I bought a new wallet to replace mine with holes in it for only $11!
 I think I've found someone to do our cakes!  Hooray!
I e-mailed a couple of videographers.
Yesterday Adrian helped me come up with a good idea for the school year.  I needed motivation/organization and I think I have a theme and a system now.
I've taken care of some other wedding related e-mail stuff and talked to a good friend and my sister-in-law who is also a good friend!
There is a delicious breeze coming through the window right now!  

Okay, here's a question:  

Make-up.  I really want to do it myself for the wedding.  I don't usually wear more than moisturizer, concealer, eye shadow, mascara, powder, blush and lipstick/gloss. 

I'd love suggestions for something that will stay on all day and make my complexion look flawless, your favorite eye liner and why, etc.  Thanks!  Kelly


Heather said...

I didn't do my own makeup, but kind of wished I had. The one thing they told me was that you need a little more than you usually wear because of the photography. Just something to keep in mind!

Mod Girl said...

Hi Kelly, sorry things are a bit hard right now. I understand. I've had a day like that... mothering has seemed more like a chore than a joy. I know wedding planning and moving and everything else can get you to feeling that way too.

About the makeup... I highly recommend that you make a trip to Sephora. There you can browse and try tons of different kinds of makeup all in one store. I've found there sales people to be quite helpful.

I personally am partial to Sheer Cover mineral makeup. You seem to have a fair complexion like mine... I wear "Buff" and "Latte." Sephora carries several brands of mineral makeup lines (as well as many other makeup lines) that you could try before purchasing.

Also, another little item... well groomed brows can make a big difference on how your eyes appear (bigger and brighter!). Keep it conservative and natural looking, of course!

I did my makeup myself on our wedding day and have never regretted it. Just be sure to wear a little more than usual and refresh it throughout the day.

Amy L said...

I splurged and had my makeup done, and was really glad that I did. I used an independent makeup artist, and she did an airbrush foundation that was really light and natural and stayed on all day. Also, I'm not very skilled with eye makeup and was glad I had a pro.

For the DIY route, I would recommend going to MAC or Bobbi Brown and see what they say. Most of my favorite products come from one of them. Plus, check out Smashbox primer - it really smoothes out your skin and helps makeup stay on longer. Not cheap, but a bottle lasts for a long time. Or, you could probably find a small container/sample at Sephora.

I have heard that you need to be careful with foundation as some have a chemical that can cause your face to look washed out under the strong flashes that professional photographers use. So, whatever you decide, practice and have someone take photos of you in both natural and flash situations.

Rachel said...

God is in control!!! I love that song and it is one that you can sing over and over in the coming days and weeks!

About the make-up: I did my own. I wanted to look like I always look since that is really the way my sweet man loves me! I would same the same as Heather--you should apply it heavier for pictures. I did mine the same as always just applied it heavier and was very pleased with my pictures and didn't feel like I was someone I wasn't. Blessings!

Cary/Ashley said...

I did my own makeup....happy with it...but should've re-powdered after initial pictures.. looked a little shiny during the reception pics!
My sister used a person from MAC....they did her makeup for her bridal portrait...and did a BEAUTIFUL job. She made an appointment for the wedding too....showed up the morning of her wedding and the person did not show up!! Luckily another associate ended up doing it for her...not as good as the first time though! She had mixed feelings about getting her makeup done. Good luck on your will look amazing no matter what you chose!:)

Tiffany said...

I can't give advice for wedding day makeup, but I have had mine done before and was NOT happy at all. I guess it just depends on if you've had it done before and how you feel about it. You might go for a trial run. I like bare minerals powder foundation, its really light, but has good coverage and stays all day. It comes from sephora. And I'm fair like you!

Jezika_Rae said...

Hi Kelly!!
I did my own makeup for my wedding, and I was so happy with it.
I used Napoleon Perdis, and it was fantastic.

If there is one item I would recommend above all else, it's Napoleon Perdis Camera Finish powder compact. This gives you smooth, flawless, airbrushed looking skin. The lure of this powder is that it stops light from bouncing off your face when the flash goes off - which can make you look washed out. This little gem stops you from looking washed out in photos.

My advice would be if you can get to a Napoleon counter, then organise a makeover appointment with them a few months before the wedding. It will cost you $50, but they'll be able to match the makeup to your skintone and skin type, plus, after the makeover the amount you paid for the makeover is reedeemable in products. It was a huge hit with me.

Oh and started, by moisturising my face, neck and chest with "NIVEA body: Radiant Care soft shimmering Body Lotion"
It gave my face a soft and radiance look, which I was then able to build upon with my foundation and powder.