Tuesday, August 12, 2008

another present!!!

I've tried to post about this several times now but for some reason the pictures refuse to upload except for this one.  I guess I'll just have to post with a single picture.  

This is our second present to come in the mail.  It still astounds me that presents can just show up on your door step!  It is from my dear childhood friends Kori and Mindy and their families.  It is a fondue pot!  We grew up eating fondue together at birthday parties, etc.  I love that they picked out something so personal to our relationship and I can't wait to make and eat some yummy fondue in this thing!  So, so very fun!  Thank you, Kori and Mindy!!!  

Do you have a favorite recipe for fondue or a favorite item to dip?  
I'd love to hear about it.  

I must keep my nose to the grindstone today.  We've got to get invitations out for this wedding and I've GOT to finish compiling all of the addresses.  Anyone have any tips, advice, organization, ways to make this part of wedding planning easier?  Kelly


Rachel said...

What a fun present and so thoughtful to think of something you all enjoyed together!

Sandi said...

Hey, Kelly...as far as making the invitation/address gathering stuff more organized or quicker...the address gathering just takes some time unless there is someone who's willing to do some of the extra research for you.

You probably know this, but my dad always said that you can get more done if you focus only on one task at a time, so instead of trying to get one invitation completely ready, then the next and the next, etc. It's easier to stuff all the inner envelopes all at once (or at least a big stack of them), then to write names on all of the inner envelopes, then to stuff all of the bigger envelopes, then to address them all, then to stamp them all. We actually were kinda picky about who did the writing because we wanted it in calligraphy, but all the rest of it -- the stuffing, licking, stamping, etc., our friends were able to help out with. We kinda set up an assembly line and invited friends over for a little party to get a big stack done while we all watched Father of tne Bride.