Tuesday, August 12, 2008

more shower and another make-up question plus a blogging question

= longest title ever!

I wanted to show you some more of the shower.  My friend Jenni organized the whole thing!  Look at this great table!  It was so neat and so me!  See those little containers of orange and blue jelly bellies on the fiestaware plates behind the cake?  They gave them to me!  Remember this?

This is the neat surprise picture display they did of us!  I didn't even know.  My friend Jenny got Adrian to help her get some pictures.  :) 

My friend Tiffany made this delicious cake!  

Here is the book I bought at Michaels and embellished for our shower sign-ins and writing down the gifts.  Yea for the xyron to help me turn a plain chipboard R into a lovely blue one.  :)  

So here's my blogging question:  I would love to include pics of the other people at this shower besides just me because aren't people the fun of it?  But, I hesitate to put people's names and pics out on the internet for the world to see if I don't know for sure that they're cool with that.  Some people aren't and I totally understand that.  So, for those of you who blog, do you post other people's pics, ask them everytime?  What do you do?  Also, if you're reading my blog and don't care if I post your pic, leave me a comment or shoot me an e-mail and then I'll know.  :)  Thanks.  

I know these two shower guests are cool with it so I decided to post their pic even though Marla's talking and not looking at the camera but look at little Grant waving!  Couldn't resist that sweetness!  

Make-up question:  What is the trick to getting eyeliner on well?

Thanks.  Kelly  


Jenni said...

I typically post pics of other folks without asking, though I do not include last names. Maybe that makes me a bad blogger, I don't know.....course most of my pics are of family or my house!!

Cary/Ashley said...

Eyeliner question: The people at MAC used an eyeliner small brush to apply my sister's eyemakeup. It looked great and stayed on a LONG time.:)

twarpula said...

Ohh I love seeing Marla and her new little one! How sweet is he?!
Your shower looked amazing, you have some great friends up there working hard for you. :)

As far as the eye liner goes, I'm lost too, I just skip it. I guess for your wedding you may need to learn how to apply it well. I would go to a makeup counter at the mall and have them do a free makeover to show you how to do it all for the wedding. Just an idea.

Amy L said...

Eyeliner - I was also going to say to go to MAC. When I went to buy makeup, they used powder and a small eyeliner brush, and I immediately bought both the powder and the brush. Absolutely the easiest and longest lasting eyelining method I've ever used. You have a lot more control over the amount, thickness of line, etc., so it's easy and adaptable for everyday and special occasions.

Jacquie said...

I usually post other people's pics without asking. I haven't even really thought about it. I don't know if that's bad or not! And if you ever have a picture of me, feel free!

Rachel said...

I too post without asking. Like Jenni I only post first names. You are sweet for asking that question and even thinking about it.

Eyeliner--I have only ever used Mary Kay's and I just pull my eye out at the corner to apply. Other than that, I can't help you much on that one.

You had a beautiful shower it looks like! What sweet friends to do that for you!

abc said...

This comment covers several topics, be warned: it may be long. First, what a beautiful shower. You have great friends who really care about your taste and preferences. Second, are you on facebook? If not, I know it's the last thing you want to think about pre-wedding, but later you must I've been reconnecting with some of the old Wyldewood gang. It's been such fun! I saw a pic of you and it made me wonder. Third, way back in your people post is that Bethany Walker (maiden name) in the top pick at what looks like a bowling alley? She is a church family friend of mine. Fourth, today is my 11th anniversary! Reading about all of your wedding and marriage preparastion really brings it all back to me. I, too was obsessed with my wedding colors (periwinkle with bits of other pastels) and my mom and I and many friends made lots of little favors and other details. Those memories and little touches still mean a lot to me today. (I just wish more had been available way back then!)
And finally, Best wishes for the new school year. I'm certain you are great at what you do and you've been doing it for awhile now. So when juggling all you have going on gets tough, give yourself a little break, take a breath , and rely on what you've done in the past- don't feel the need to reinvent the wheel... ya know?

Tara said...

What a sweet shower! The picture display is so sweet and thoughtful.

Like earlier comments, if I post a pic of someone else I either don't put a name at all if not required {just say my friend or something} or I just put the first name.

For eyeliner I gave up in college. But at Benefit they used the "big beautiful eyes" combo palette on me and it has a dark shadow with a little liner brush... this is much easier to use than actually eyeliner and I only put it on the top.