Thursday, August 28, 2008

best $2.01 of the wedding budget!

Today I spent a grand total of $2.01 on a wedding purchase.  I'm not even sure I knew that was possible!  First I went to Hancock Fabrics to get swatches of most every shade of tulle they had.  The manager who helped me and cut all my fabrics was so nice and asked questions about my wedding, etc.  She was also nice enough to think of writing little labels for me of each color and tucking them inside the folds so I would know which was which when I came back to buy more after trying them out with my dress to see what matched the best.  

Isn't God good?  The one that matched the best was a discontinued color that thankfully they still had AND it was on sale 50% off!  My Sweetie (my grandma) is going to make a really wonderful hair decoration/mini veil sort of piece for me to wear at the reception since my real veil really isn't practical to wear during the whole reception.  

I am so excited!  Hooray! 

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Mod Girl said...

The veil is my favorite part of a bride's ensemble. It's the piece that makes the bride look like a bride!