Wednesday, August 20, 2008

so many things!

Whew!  What a week so far!  

We spend last weekend in Houston with my family and had SUCH a fun shower on Sunday!  It was so absolutely fantastic.  Pics to come!!!

Monday I started back to school. Lots of meetings, working in my classroom, etc.

Tonight I thought I'd post about bridesmaids.  One of my fellow "blog brides" posted this today.  
I thought I'd "reply" by posting some pics of the route I chose to take.  

You may remember this post from back in April where I was debating whether or not to even have bridesmaids.  You see I am now 32 and I have had a lot of time to make some really great girlfriends.  Who wants to pick people and leave others out?  Not me.  I also did not really care that much about having matchingly dressed people standing up front with us.  

So, I went a little bit different route.  I made some cards for my girlfriends who I'm close to and wrote about why they are special to me, what I appreciate about them, some of the memories we share, etc. and mailed them to them asking them to be my "bride's friend".  I mean really, that's what I want, is wonderful friends (which I already have!) to celebrate this special time in my life with me, so that's what I asked for.  It has been so much fun to get their responses and it brought me so much joy to sit down and write each of them and reflect on what they mean to me and what we share.  

The photo above is of a few of the cards.  

Happy back to school for all of you that that applies to!  Kelly


HappyAmy said...

Absolutely adorable--and I totally agree with your train of thought about the bride's friend. Have I mentioned how much I adore your colors?

So pretty! Thank you for the picture!

Miss G said...

You're welcome! And thank you, thank you for the compliment on the colors! Kelly

twarpula said...

Wow I think this is a really special alternative to having BM's. Very creative and I am sure they were all touched by your words of kindness.
PS the cards are fantastic! I'm so impressed by how much stuff you can find in "your colors".

Mod Girl said...

What unique and wonderful and simple idea. I love it! And, the cards you made are so, so cute.

Rachel said...

I think that is a wonderful idea! You are so creative. Love the cards!