Monday, August 4, 2008

thank you!

I tried to post more photos a couple different times earlier tonight but alas, blogger was not cooperating.  I have an *early* flight to catch in the morning so I'll leave you with this one.  

My sweet friends Angela and Laura came over to help on Saturday.  In. the. heat!!!  Thank you sooo much!  In the approx. three hours they were hear, not only did we get all of the fridge/freezer/meltables (chocolate, candles, etc.) moved over from the old apt. to the new, we also unpacked ALL these boxes!  These women were on a mission!  An organizing mission.  Seriously, when they left my pantry, fridge and "craft closet" looked like I'd lived here forever!  Again, more pics to come.  Hopefully I'll be able to post while on my trip but if not, never fear, I will return!  :)  Kelly


Mod Girl said...

Oh, you're feathering your nest! I vividly remember those last days of my engagement... boxing up wedding gifts, figuring out furniture needs, my dad and I driving 10 hours to Ohio to move all of my stuff into the apartment that would become my newlywed home. They are special times, emotional times, stressful times... the best part, the people who surround you with love and help.

Rachel said...

What good friends to come help!