Friday, August 1, 2008

pics of me and my man

Today is moving day so I am writing this on Thursday night and scheduling it to post on Friday, moving day.  Much progress has been made and God has rained down blessings.  I got to see our new apartment today for the first time and it is going to be just great!  It is in good shape (which isn't always true with apts. in my experience) and there are several great things about it.  
The floor plan is slightly different than the one we saw when looking and besides the blessing of TWO bedrooms and TWO baths, the garage is BIG, the laundry room is BIG and the water heater is in a different place from the model as well as the door leading to the garage so that space is actually useable.  Also, the pantry is shelves inside the laundry room as opposed to the little closet with no light we saw in the model.  

Are these weird things to be excited about?  :)  

My sweet friend Sarah offered to fix us some lunch tomorrow for while we're moving.  What a wonderful blessing is that?!  We're gonna get started super early in the morning and try to avoid some of the worst heat.  Say a prayer for us if you're reading this, please!  :)  

I'll leave you with a few pics of me and my wonderful man!  

my birthday last year
going to visit him in Missouri before he moved here
at Bree Bash '07 before going to our friends', Brad and Britney's wedding!

We are going to have FIOS at the new apt. so hopefully it'll get installed quickly and I'll be back up and blogging soon!  Kelly


Jenni said...

hope the move goes well!!!

jennyc said...

Those are great things to be excited about! Praying there will be a cool breeze tomorrow! You two look so good together - great pictures!