Wednesday, August 27, 2008


This photo was taken at my old apartment.  I really like it.  It is just very peaceful to me. I am VERY thankful to God for giving me so much peace during this last week and a half of "back to work" and trying to tie up loose ends of wedding planning as well.  If you are reading this and would like to say a prayer for continued peace and productivity and good relationship connection time in the midst of this busy time of the wedding quickly approaching, I welcome you to!  Thank you!  Kelly


Mod Girl said...

Oh, gorgeous photos! I can see why you love it. I do too.

I well remember this busy season and will lift you up as the Lord prompts my heart.

Marcella said...

Can't wait to see that beautiful dress on beautiful you. Praying for you continually and thanking the Lord for your commitment to Him. Love you much and so honored to be your brides friend.

Kelly said...

Hi Kelly! Glad my DIY makeup helped. I know all those products add up to A LOT of money, but I already had most of it in my arsenal...and you dont HAVE to use the brand name stuff if you don't have it.

I noticed you asked about eyeliner below also. I pull my eyelid toward my ear so that it is tight (probably not good for the wrinkles and crows feet, but oh well) and apply it with the pencil I referenced in my post. I don't bother with a brush.