Thursday, May 7, 2009

favorite foods

A fun thing happened this week. A friend who I've known for a long time indirectly learned that my favorite candy bar is a Skor bar. She commented that she hadn't known that about me.

So for those of you who know me, (in real life or in blogland!) did you know this one? Did you know that one of my favorite foods is pine nuts? I love them! They are so yummy to me.

Do you have any recipes you like to make that include pine nuts?

I don't cook with them very often but you can bet that if I'm at Macaroni Grill and doing their "create your own pasta" that pine nuts get checked off with that crayon they give you. :)

What is one of your "little known" favorite foods? Maybe I'll learn something new about you too! Kelly


Lorilee said...

I love pine nuts too! I usually just use them in pesto-toasted of course! Hmm little known favorite food--I am not a big jelly bean fan,but I pick out the black ones. I adore guacamole. I will skip dessert to eat more guacamole and chips!

Karen said...

I didn't know you liked pine nuts. Hmmmm! Little known favorite food....I'm such an open book, you probably know the mall, but here's a new one. Mandy told me the other day that Ann used to make them cinnamon toast on hot dog buns when they were little. I tried it tonight when I got home from class and was hungry. YUMMY!

Still Learning said...

Hi, I am so sorry it took me so long to get back to you. I'm scatterbrained like that.... I read your comment about Lysa's book and I would love one for that price!! We don't have that store around here. We've had job losses in our family so things are so tight right now. I would absolutely love to read her book. If you happen by there again I would gladly pay you for a copy. Every single penny counts over here so to get the book for that little would be awesome. Thanks for coming by,


gail said...

i used to have a salad that i made with pine nuts ... hmmmm! i haven't made it in years and now i can't remember what i put in it, except that it was yummy and i remember thinking that pine nuts are awful expensive!