Friday, May 8, 2009

Fun Friday Finds

Lest you think I've already been to Target this early in the morning, I'll have to preface by saying these are *last* Friday's fun finds. :)

After work I went out to get a book for the Bible study I was starting and in addition to being able to get it and a little gift on a gift card that had more left on it than I had thought, I went into Target for a gift and found . . .

orangey-red clearance stickers!

The bucket wasn't on clearance but it was in the dollar section.

Hmm . . . do you detect a theme here with the buckets?
I just can't pass them up when they are so versatile!

The Twizzlers, Rainbow Twizzlers, for 38 cents are in anticipation of our next road trip. Twizzlers are one of our road trip foods.

Also, I really like these tortellini and have a recipe I like that calls for the meat ones.
I shopped at three different stores before I found them last time I wanted to make
the recipe so into the freezer these went and I'm ready to go!

little packages . . .

big package . . .

now I feel like Jen!

Have a great weekend! Kelly

p.s. I have let something sneak up on me and I need ideas!
We will be blessed to stay in someone's house this weekend and I want to take a nice hostess gift. What is the your favorite thing you've ever given/received that would fit this category? Thanks. Kelly


the pleasures of homemaking said...

Those are great deals! My Target doesn't carry the fresh tortellini which is too bad as I really love them. They're so quick! We like any of them tossed with pesto sauce as a quick dinner.

Thanks for stopping by to see my thriftstore treasures!


Anonymous said...

I can't think of any good hostess gifts right now, but if you think of any good ones let me know. I will need one later this summer.

We also love those tortellini. I wish I could find them on sale. They freeze great and I always have them in the freezer. I have a great recipe for a soup that uses those. If you want it email me and I will give it to you.

Mindy S.

Sandy said...

i love buckets! have a ton of them.

happy mother's day, even tho i know you aren't.

your mom is blessed to have a daughter like you!!!