Tuesday, May 5, 2009


I got my hair cut today and this was my inspiration photo. This photo was taken the first summer Adrian and I were dating. Such sweet memories.

On another note, our upstairs neighbor children are out on their balcony singing every song they've ever learned in music class I think, including "Jingle Bells" in May and ironically enough, "One, Two, Buckle My Shoe" which I taught my Kindergarteners today. It is alternately a nice reminder that what I do makes a difference and a soundtrack I wouldn't mind doing without after school. Maybe I'll just turn on a little itunes for a while. :)


Mandy Gibson said...

Hilarious! It's fun that your neighbors have such charisma. I like that photo of you! You look really happy. Did your haircut come out the way you wanted it?

Rox said...

Cute haircut! Gotta love the sound of children singing :) Thanks for your comment on Brentwood drive :)
It meant a lot.

Anonymous said...

That's really weird. Summer got her hair cut yesterday too...as did Jason Graves and his mother (I only know this because I took Summer to their hair lady". I don't suppose you also use Melodie?

AND **bonus** Summer's shampoo, cut, and style was only $20!! That's a far cry from Ulta's $60.