Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Travel Tuesdays - Chicago May '09 edition

Have you gathered by now that we really like Chicago?

It also helps that we have family there so there's a good excuse to visit a lot.

Mother's Day weekend found us in Chicago to spend time with family.

We ate at one of our favorite breakfast spots, Clark's

walked along the water

hung out with family (and I really wish I had more pictures of that part of the trip but unfortunately I don't)

went to Navy Pier

enjoyed blooming, heavenly scented things

rode a water taxi

walked around the city

saw this statue

rode in a taxi

and ate well (not just breakfast places although that seems to be when I was taking photos)

(they give the ladies milk duds)

Do you have any trips planned? Where are you going next?


Andi @ A Little Piece of Pink said...

Hey Kelly! Thanks for commenting on my blog. I think that I might be agreeing with you on leaving the candles alone! ;) THanks for visiting. I love this post on Chicago. I have never been- and this REALLY makes me want to go up for a trip!!! Thanks, Girl! And it is a pleasure getting to know you through blogland!!! I'll be checkin' in with ya! Andi

Mod Girl said...

Now current trips planned but I've eaten breakfast at Clarke's. Yum!

Katie McFarlan said...

I'll be in Chicago in June-I love Chicago! Have you eaten at the Chicago Bagel Authority (CBA)? OMG, SOOOOOOO good!!!

Anonymous said...

Actually tomorrow I am going to Warren, PA for work, but in June I am going to South Dakota to walk in a Volksmarch up on the Crazy Horse Memorial mountain.

Donna P.

Jacquie said...

LOVE Chicago!

Karen said...

I think my next trip will be Chicago or Dallas. Either place will be wonderful because I will be visiting my children.

Gina said...

Oh Chicago!! I love Louisville, but I really do miss the windy city. The food, the arts, the summer festivals... there's just something special about that place.

So glad you guys had a great time... And neat that you have family there, it definately makes the trip all the more special.