Sunday, May 17, 2009

Pokey O's

Last night we went out for a little treat.
We had a great time at Pokey O's.

If you live in the area, you've really got to go.
Fresh baked cookies and Bluebell ice cream.

You pick your cookie flavor (we both chose two different cookie flavors for our sandwich).
Then you pick your ice cream flavor.
They stack it all together for you and off you go!

It was delicious!
Plus we discovered some fellow Steelers fans there AND the nice guy working gave us a bag of the "brokey pokies" (broken cookies) when I commented on the cute name.

It was a fun date with my sweet husband.

Do anything fun this weekend? What'd you do?


Lorilee said...

Hi Kelly,
That sounds really yummy. I don't think we have anyplace like that around here.

Mod Girl said...

What a cute idea for an ice cream shop!

Our fun weekend... kids' art workshop at the museum (free!!!) and a classic airplane fly-in at the airfield (free, again!!!). Other than that we were dodging raindrops.

Meredith said...

Miss G.,

LOVE the ice cream shop - wow - yummy!!! Thanks for your comment about the chalk board plates @ Tuesdays with Molly!! As far as the overspray is concerned, try very carefully to mask off the whole area you don't want sprayed. If some sneaks thru, and you get little tiny dots of spray "dust" buff off with a rag - easy peasy.