Sunday, May 3, 2009

once upon a time . . .

I got to get my toenails painted like this:

It was so much fun. My friend Meredith who went with me got leopard print.
The lady who did them is so talented. She is an art teacher and she sometimes paints toes to raise money for missions in Africa. How great is that?

Have you gotten your toenails painted yet this spring or painted them yourself?

What's your favorite color to paint your toenails?



Mod Girl said...

Mine are painted Ruby Red right now. I paint them myself; pedicures scare me!

Jacquie said...

I LOVE getting my toenails painted! There was a lady in Abilene who did toes like this and she was AWESOME! My favorite was called "stained glass" and she painted my toes black. Then she did large and small polka dots of all colors. SO CUTE! I have since redone this same look and I can do an ok job but I just enjoy getting them more for me more. I still try to go see her when I am back in town!

Katie McFarlan said...

I LOVE getting pedicures and just had my first one for the summer (it's summer in AZ already). I love getting a french or a dark pink or red. I always wish they spend an extra hour just massaging my feet and calves...some day :)

Anonymous said...

I too LOVE getting a pedicure. You have got to share your lady's info. I have never seen such amazing artwork! My current color is chipped pink with a flower...I have closed toed shoes on.
Julie P.