Monday, December 15, 2008

Holiday Open House

Last year I did a blogging holiday home tour and I wanted to do another one this year seeing how it was oh so much fun.  I heard about Kimba's and so here I am.  :)  

Thanks, regular blog readers for "visiting my home" as well as any of you who are visiting from Kimba's open house today!

Welcome!  Come on in.  

To see my newly created "mudroom" all decked out for the holidays, click here.  

This is my centerpiece on the table.  I like it a lot in its simplicity and old fashioned feel.  My new sisters-in-law gave the deer to me last Christmas!  (Keeping it real, notice the half decorated for fall still and half empty shelve behind the dining room table?  It doesn't have to be perfect.  Sometimes you just have to notice what you've had time to make beautiful and ignore the rest. )

My wonderful husband put this shelf up for me in the guest bedroom.  Childhood Santas and a VERY old plate I just bought antiquing with my mom at Thanksgiving.  I love its graphic green plaid!  

Here's the top of the fridge.  :)  Sorry it's a little blurry.  

tiny touch of kitchen festivity

This is how I decided to display my cards this year.  I just cut a bunch of different green trims into short lengths and keep those and a hole punch in one of the kitchen drawers.  
Seasonal sweets from my sweet mom!  

Mantle close-ups
I love how calm it is.  
Even though I didn't replace the burned down candles in the candelabra or manage to find the chalk to write "Unto us a child is born" on the chalkboard, it is still beautiful to me.  The "R" handkerchief was a gift from my aunt.  

a quiet reading nook with a quilt that a sweet, sweet lady from Adrian's church in Missouri made and a pillow that I bought in Italy in college. 

our first tree!  

one of the women who came to our shower from our church made this ornament for us with the blue beads,  the beads represent our wedding date, 10-4-08.  

my blogging spot :)  

May the peace of Christ dwell within you this holiday season.  
He is Emmanuel, God with us.  

Merry Christmas.  

Thank you for your kindness in visiting.  



jenjen said...

Cute decorations! I love, love, love your idea for displaying your cards. How clever! Thanks for letting me visit. Have a wonderful Christmas!!!

Anonymous said...

A very cute tour, thank you.


Jerri - Simply Sweet Home said...

I love all your stuff. I love the balls in the bowls.

Laura Ingalls Gunn said...

I love all of your decorations~they are absolutely adorable.
Make sure you come by and enter my Friday giveaway.

Jacquie said...

I love all the decorations! I even love that our card made the pic :)!

Laura B. said...

Love all of your decor, thanks for opening up your home to us! Fun.

Kris said...

Love all the silver! Merry Christmas!

Kristin said...

Your mantle looks great! I love it when you can decorate for Christmas using blues and whites and you are right it is more calming!

Charlene said...

Very nice. Thank you for shring. Happy Holidays

Jessica said...

Congrats on celebrating your first Christmas married. I got married in Jan so this will be my first Christmas married as well. :)

T Lyn said...

I really like your ideas. Love the vintage tree.

Charlene said...

Love the sparkley silver wreath & your first tree. Thanks for sharing.

Karen said...

Beautiful! Love the tree filled with all your special ornaments.

honeysuckle said...

I love that you incorrporate music into the holiday. Keep pictures of your first tree, it will be fun to look at when you are celebrating your 40th! Thanks for sharing your home. Merry Christmas.

pcb said...

Thanks for sharing your first Christmas together. Hope it's a good one.