Monday, December 22, 2008


Crystal is doing a little tree tour over at her blog about the ornaments and why they're special.  
Here are some of mine. 

(Sorry for some fuzzy pictures.  It is very hard to take pictures of ornaments.) 

a Santa that my grandma painted and put in my stocking this year!

a moon shaped Santa I bought in Amsterdam in '97 and the Marshall Fields shopping bag from my first trip to Chicago with my friend Sheryl, my mom and Aunt Kim!
a cube ornament that my suitemate Beth sacrificially gave to me in college
I love that thing.
my alma mater

a chubby little Santa bought in Germany at the most amazing Christmas shop!  

the turquoise ball from my Uncle Lynn's travels and the Golden Gate for our honeymoon
the nativity is Adrian's - a gift from his mom
the dove was tied onto a package at our wedding from my friend Paige
My friend Marla brought the camel back from Bethlehem.  It is made of olivewood.
doesn't look like much?  I bought this beautiful glass ornament in Venice but it broke seconds after I walked out the door of the shop.  I loved it so much and put all the little broken glass pieces inside a clear glass ball and put the ribbon back on top.  Sometimes things don't turn out as we expect and that's okay!  
I just received this in the mail from my friend Julie!  She brought it back from her birthday trip to Germany this fall!  It shows a woman making lace.  
a cute little knit stocking from my mom

fun, funky shoe from a special student, bell collected in my antiquing trips
reminder of a special date with Adrian

a gift from a dear friend
purse from the same special student as the shoe
college days
bought while in Indiana for my friends Betty and Cliff's wedding
another made by my grandma
snowman with orange earmuffs a gift from my friend Jenny this year, the orange earmuffs are because orange was one of my wedding colors :)  
ornament in my stocking from my grandma
candy colored tree from my grandma
icicle as an ode to my favorite childhood ornament that broke
one of my favorites, a gift from a student this year, Merry Christmas!


Crystal said...

SO fun!! I loved it...felt like I was in your house peeking around in your tree!! Thanks for taking the time to share...feel like I know you more already!!

Merry Christmas to you!

Julie said...

Your ornaments are adorable. The first one of the Santa reminds me of an ornament I used to make when I did craft shows.

Your tree looks beautiful!


agus said...

What a beautiful Christmas Tree! and lovely photos. I wish you happy New Year from Poland :-)

agus said...

I was on Crystal's blog but I found your blog earlier than her. I was just looking for interesting blogs in internet :-) And thank you for greetings in polish!

Lorie said...

I love it!!! I need to copy this idea and post about my ornaments!