Sunday, December 7, 2008

my sled!

After reading Sandy's post about her husband's decorating idea, I wanted to get out *my* sled and find a home for it in this year's decor.  

We have an apartment with an attached garage that is down a flight of stairs and then the door from the staircase opens into our kitchen.  For a while I have wanted a "mudroom" of sorts.  Now I have made one on the landing!  Here we have a wintry, festive scene and a place to keep my gloves (green bucket) and scarves for easy accessorizing.  :)  The sled was a gift from my mom several years ago, the doorknob/hook wall hanging a gift from my friend Marcella several Christmases ago and the bucket I picked up in San Antonio probably nine years ago!  Yea for shopping the house as the Nester would say.  

The picture below is from me playing with the fun settings on my camera.  :)  


Sandy said...

yay for sleds! fun :))

Mod Girl said...

I love it! Very wintery, and the scarves add such a nice splash of color to an area of the house that can be easily overlooked.

Laura B. said...

Love it!