Friday, December 19, 2008

teacher gift

Remember my herb garden?  Look at that fun little present peeking out amongst the foliage.  :)  It was one of several very nice teacher gifts I received from students this Christmas.  This afternoon begins 2 weeks of vacation which is one of my most favorite gifts!

If you're a teacher, what is one of your favorite Christmas gifts you've ever received?  

If you're a parent, what is your favorite thing to give as a teacher gift?  

Merry Christmas and for everyone who is off of school for a little while, enjoy!!!  Kelly


Mod Girl said...

Woohoo! You're out of school! Enjoy your break.

Teacher gifts... my standard gifts are embroidered kitchen towels, hand soap, homemade bread, or homemade granola.

Sandy said...

Kelly, you are my winner. Can you email me right away?

Karen said...

One of my favorite teacher gifts was some delicious fudge. I remember sneaking little bits of it all through the day because it was so good. Imagine my surprise when I asked the mother for the recipe and it was made with Velveeta Cheese. I think I still have the recipe if anyone is interested.

Lisa said...

I now work as a school administrator but when I was still teaching the two gifts that stand out the most were from two students that had very little. One was a pin that said "Mother" and the other was half a bottle of cheap perfume. They were so proud of the gifts and I was so touched!