Thursday, December 4, 2008

today . . .

is new utensil day!  


We're finally unearthing all of the fabulous, fun new things that we got at showers, cutting off all the packaging, washing them and getting everything into use!  

I am so excited!  Yea for wedding planning being over and the settling in taking place so there's time to use our fun new stuff!  

I think that bowl scraper and that icing spreader with the rubber edge are going to be completely wonderful!  

Thank you Pennye, Linda & Ashley, Elaine, Linda & Erin, Ryan & Allison, Mabel & Danny, Debbie & Angela, Pat, Bekki, Mrs. Lea, Dianna!  We have been blessed so richly!  Kelly


Jenni said...

so fun!

today was final packing at the office and then grocery shopping for my party!!! gonna start baking tonight, I think.....

Deborah said...

I think I should have had a ten-year anniversary shower! All my stuff is starting to show wear and tear. Yours looks so shiny and new!! How fun that must have been for you guys.